Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Success at last

- and I may not throw this computer as far as I can! Then again, I very well might when it takes a mind to do whatever it pleases like it did just a minute ago.

Since I had to transfer my programs to this computer, I have had three crucial programs that wouldn't run properly and/or required new installation including new passwords, etc. One guy and I almost came to blows through the computer over one, and wouldn't you know it - it is the most crucial to me. We had ourselves a breather, and then wonder of wonders, this computer decided to work properly. Just boom and things clicked. The program ran like a clock.

It is so nice to know I can take the computer with me this weekend and work on the avalanche of embroidery designs. And hey, it will mean that I can devote my time to the computer instead of cleaning. How wonderful. Daughter and crew won't be coming (even though SIL wants to come so badly) because Monkey Boy had a t-ball game. It will be his first with this team, and for some reason she sets great streak to the first and the last. Oh, well.

Shadow goes to have the staples removed tomorrow. I can't help but being cautiously joyous. Two weeks ago I thought we had a dying cat. Here I was thinking that I hoped someone would be good to him when they had to take him when G and I are gone since our cats live so long, and what does he do? He tries to die on me!

I have some questions that I need to write down so I can remember them. If the answers go my way, I can say this has truly been a wonderful day. Three programs all settled here in my computer ready to go to work for me, and a cat that will live a while longer!

Peace be with you.


Cheyenne said...

Hallelujah! I love it when things go right for a change.

judemiller1 said...

you are a good momma to Shadow. I probably would have looked at the expense of getting him well and put him down--but then, I am a heartless person. Glad he is okay and that the puter is working like it is suppose to.