Thursday, October 21, 2010

Getting ready for the SSB

I really ought to just let SIL and G go. The only reason not is that SIL won't be going until Saturday afternoon after Monkey Boy's T-ball game. He wanted to go two weeks ago, but Daughter insisted that it was MB's first game. I guess I just am not into the sports stuff. It was a long holiday, and the kids would have liked to go to the ranch. But ... What Momma says goes. After all, if Momma ain't happy, no one is happy!

I would like to stay here and work on Christmas items. The time is going quickly, and I have a lot to do! I found two sets, well actually there were more like six, of embroidery files. They were cats saying and dog sayings. The hitch was they were $15 a piece. After plunking down $2500 (yes you read correctly) for Shadow's surgery, I have to be quite judicious about what I am spending. Here it is Christmas, and I have to pinch those pennies. Would I do the heroic measure on a cat again - especially one that loves to gnaw on me, yes. He didn't ask to be here. He is my responsibility now. I really am going to try to get some pictures of him and his sexy hair cut this weekend. He looks like something the cat drug in. (Please don't throw bottles at me - I couldn't resist the pun)

Poor old Simone is not acting right. She has defecated and urinated twice in the entry hall this month. I don't know if she is getting senile or if G isn't paying close enough attention when they get up. I am the first to admit that I am not up at that ungodly time of day. Did that for 44 years. I am through. But she is just showing signs of things not being right. I don't know her age; I am guessing at 8 or 9. She is getting really old for a boxer. She is my silver boxer girl. So I will take her to the vet for another unknown amount of money. I can't stand to see her suffer if she is.

So I am off on my appointed rounds to prepare for the trek to the wilderness. There are a few things I need. Other places I have to stop - like my seemingly favorite stop - the vet. But Simone is almost out of her car-sick pills. We. Can't. Have. That. Makes for a miserable trip. See you Tuesday.

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Marti said...

I'm sorry about your pup. Eight or nine sounds young to have a normal incontinence problem. I bet your vet loves to see you come in after that last bill!

Have fun this weekend.