Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Here again.

Yesterday was once again a la-la land day. I had another round of injections to block nerves in my back. I have finally learned that I am to come home and go to bed. I finally have found if I remain in the vertical position, I will have the headache from hell the next day. As it was, I only stayed up for blunch (combination of breakfast and lunch since I had to be NPO). The second time was dinner and a little sitting up for some big screen tv for Dirty Jobs! Today - headache for half the day. I don't think it was worth it. I should have settled for the little bedroom screen since I fell asleep when the program was half over.

Today I had blunch again. What fascinating writing here! Everything you ever wanted to know about my exciting life. But that was because I slept until almost ten. The headache you know. It is finally gone as I write this at 1PM.

I wrote about deadlines before. Well she almost did another to me. She wanted a Harry Potter cape. Now I don't know anything about Ol' Harry. Never read the books, never watched the movie. I gave only random looks at the posters. I envisioned a cape - not too much different from Dracula. Hey no problem. Two days for perfection - one day for be careful with the seams. Then today I found that it like an alb. Basically a coat - with sleeves and buttons no less.

Sunday at dinner, SIL dropped a toga type thingy on me, but it was more fitted. I suggested a long t-shirt with large boxers. That was shown on the cover to the breast plate. I have since relented, and now even more so. They don't need it until the Friday before Halloween. That I can handle.

I think Daughter is a little disappointed that I was only producing 4 burp cloths and one onezie that I wrote about before . But if she were to buy that amount of baby stuff, it would be at least $40. I think that is enough. She can get over that one. The second onezie was definitely sacrificed to the embroidery machine. There were so many thread nests on the back I'm not sure the embroidery would last through the first washing, plus there is a tiny hole at the end of one of the e's. I could repair that - but it is going to be sacrificed today.

So - I am off to do a few things around here.

Peace be with you.

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