Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting ready for next show

Before I get into today's dribble, let me give a quick update on the "golden cat." He appears to be doing great. When it came time to put him in his carrier for the trip to the SSB, he was a bit hesitant. But no real problems. I think he associated the carrier with his trips to the vet!

Coming back was another story since over an hour was added to his already long trip. Going up, we stopped for G to see MIL. It wasn't pleasant for him, but he never utters a sound. When I was trying to load him for the return trip - all legs were straight out! He wasn't going without a trial! So with the two of us, big kitty was loaded into his carrier and off we went - only to end up making another long trip for the same reason.
But he is doing great - so far. His appetite is good. He has accepted the fact that he won't be getting the $2 a can stuff, but he is eating the other not quite so expensive foods. He used to get only dry, but now he is getting an addition of canned. I just hope he continues to do so well!


I am waiting for a little while before I make the call to the orthopedist or the cardiologist. I am having swelling in my feet. Normally I would blame the 5 1/2 hour trip to the SSB, but they were swollen before we left. There is more swelling in the left than the right.

I told G that I think it might be due to me not taking one of my meds that is a diuretic. I forget it because I was moved to only two days a week. I am going to slip in an extra this week to see what happens. But I don't know if it could be lymphoema (spell check tells me that's wrong, but doesn't have the proper choice either!!). I doubt it because there were no lymph nodes taken or disturbed by surgery. Anyway.

Fall seems to have really arrived. While we have relatively high temperatures, it is a rare 90 degree day anymore. But I remember sweating in many Halloween costumes. I remember sweating in many discouraging me from wearing those heavy velvet dresses with the long sleeves. My thinking was that other kids wear something like that at Christmas, why shouldn't I? Well - we lived in Central Texas for one thing where the temperature on Christmas day could easily be in the 90's! I was so smart!

But the weather has become milder now, and that includes no rain. We will get a high that covers us like a blanket pushing the rain away. The difference between summer and winter in this effect is that the temperatures are more moderate! So we are out - watering our lawns that are still growing, but not at 1/2 inch a day.

So I am off to catch up with my sewing. I have two requests to get out of the way before I add somethings for the Christmas show.

Peace be with you


Cheyenne said...

I am so glad to hear how well Shadow is doing. They say if a cat eats only dry they should also drink a lot of water; otherwise, it causes problems. My one cat doesn't care for wet AT ALL but he drinks a lot of water. Those that eat wet food don't need as much water due to it being in the food already.

Now you are the one having a problem. If it isn't one thing, it's another. We just can't seem to cut a break.

Grandma K said...

Before this mess began, he was doing just that - he drank a lot of water. In fact for a while I was thinking he had a bladder infection or something. But now the little brat gets his dry - as a buffet, and a half can of wet at night. He doesn't seem to be able to finish a whole (small gourmet) can.

Before he arrived in our lives - we had said "no more cats". We had them (for me) all our lives - at least married life. Well, you neve know what's around the corner.

Judy said...

I'll bet you need the diuretic!! Glad Shadow is doing better. "No more cats or dogs" is my motto here.

Susan Adcox said...

Don't forget your diuretic! Call your doctor if your swelling doesn't get better. This is a serious symptom for us older folks. Get one of those pill minders and put your diuretic in every other day. Then if you forget it, you will know that you haven't been taking it.