Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Old friend

Here I sit, in the study, tethered to the router that doesn't work as far as sending an intelligible signal past its own walls, thinking about the new computer that may arrive today (it was originally scheduled). I am using the old lap top - the Gateway, which is perched on the computer desk that was put in for the old Dell desk top that I used so faithfully until I got this little gem. It would allow me to sit at the breakfast table, gazing out the window to see the rest of the world - while watching TV - in color.

As I am using this old (by the cyber-space connotation) lap top, I realize how good of friends we have become. There was a real rough spot there when it was crashing. When I really didn't know how to bring it out of the continual loop it was running, and I had no control. But as I was rolling through my blog roll with such little difficulty, I was thinking what old friends we are.

It isn't like this computer is headed to the computer graveyard that I have. I am going to take it upstairs. It will work, like today, in surfing and downloading machine embroidery patterns. It may even upload pictures, like it has been doing in the other place _ Gotta get those plugs in.

But I was thinking of how I will have to reload all the internet addresses that I have now, but then I should remember how just a month ago I was doing the same thing here - after it was reformatted. I think one thing I am a little frightened about is the new one is coming with the new (to me) Windows 7. I don't know a thing about it. I have heard it is a little more complicated than XP. (Strange the sentence I was writing just disappeared!) I used to be able to make these changes easily, but with my aging, an almost monastic life, and the drugs (!), I am worried about it.

So with a little sorrow, fear, but excitement I sit and await the door bell heralding the arrival of the new one that will join all these others in out computer graveyard. It will be welcomed with open arms and treated with such respect while this old friend and workhorse will be relegated to the craft room upstairs.

Peace be with you


Marti said...

I hope Windows 7 is easier than Vista. Hopefully, you can take right up where you left off. Do a search & see if you can save your bookmarks to a file to move them. That's always the hardest part.

I have a Gateway laptop. I like it, but it gets soooo hot. Is yours like that? I couldn't begin to put it on my lap.

Congrats on the tile cleaning! I love when my tile (and grout) are clean, even if I'm the only one who can really tell.

Grandma K said...

Yes, this one gets hot. I usually use it with a cooler under it. I haven't done that lately. I agree - this thing isn't for a lap!