Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Heaven save me!

I sincerely hope and pray that in my remaining life time I never ever, ever, ever have to replace a computer or a mobile phone - although you really can't call the phones these days. I am simply too old to be learning all these things.

First is this little "tap" mouse space on this lap top. It is so sensitive that if I breathe on the danged thing, something happens that I don't want - usually erasing something important. I have been trying to get my important files from my external hard drive, and if you can possibly afford it - BUY IT. It saved my behind - big time.

But the problem is that this fancy Windows 7 doesn't seem to particularly like my little drive. Probably the huge folder containing my embroidery files is here - someplace, but it has disappeared from the place I put it. When I transferred it over, in tact, I put it in one of the libraries. In fact, I opened several libraries at the time, which are gone. At least they are not present to my necked eye. There is no easy way that I have found to poke around this hard drive on this thing. In XP, that wasn't a problem.

I have spent parts of two days transferring those files by hand - one by one. It was tedious, plus it never went smoothly. I'll admit I probably did something wrong, but when I would copy a file and try to paste it, it was keeping the paste in the drop down menu. That was annoying as the devil. It kept me from adding new files until I could get back to the copy in that menu. I still don't know how to handle that situation. I finally just kept pasting those files onto this computer and maneuvering about the error messages.

I am not crazy about this keyboard either. It, too, is too sensitive. I can no longer let my fingers travel along while searching my mind for the appropriate next word (anesthesia brain - remember?). I don't like where the tabs for the mouse are either. When it is critical I find one - I am pressing on the computer case!

As for that mini-computer that is laughingly called a mobile phone, I was trying one of the apps to see if it would work. When I told it to call home, I got several responses, but none was the number I asked for. When I told it to call Son, the danged thing worked. I pushed stop as quickly as I could, but it must have gone through. With DIL having some problems with this pregnancy, I'm sure he thought it might be something associated with that, so he returned the call. I wasn't sure where to listen and talk into the thing. But I found it.

Last night I found where the ring tones were. I didn't like any of them, but I chose the one that I thought would be the most irritating - and be heard over the loud music that is on when we travel to the SSB. Rock or alternative stations that play a big mix of music - it doesn't matter. They are loud, and cell phones aren't heard. On my old one, I installed the old telephone of the 50's and up to it. It was heard, most of the time.

I guess my deep down problem is I am getting old. I don't learn as quickly as I did, and I am being bombarded with such changes. Before, when I was working, I could keep up. Things came in small bits and bytes (ha, ha so cleaver there K). I guess I will learn all these things from my sewing machine to this computer and its new OS. It;s just going to keep me learning all the way to the grave!

Peace be with you.


judemiller1 said...

I hated windows 7 and installed XP on my brand new computer. I also have the Word version 3 or something because I did not work well with the newer version of Word. I shall just stay in my old ways until I can't.

Marti said...

You are NOT making me want a new computer even though my laptop is getting slower all the time.

The older I get the less I want to learn anything new.