Friday, September 03, 2010

"Fall" update

Wow, that title sounds so appropriate for the season. Too bad it is just me complaining again!

Yesterday was really pretty bad as far as soreness. My knee really scared me. Before I got out of bed, I felt some things that weren't right. I couldn't move laterally without pain, and I couldn't push backward without pain. I was about to call the doctor immediately. But being the procrastinator I am, I waited. It was probably a good thing because as I moved around my knee got better - so no damage there. It is doing OK. I knew the blow there was not great because there is only a little roughness on the scar.

My back is another thing. I was already having problems with the left side sciatica. Last week when I became Mrs. Clean, I knew I aggravated that situation. I was set to tell them to fix it this time. Of course they are having problems setting up the surgery center at the close clinic, and that appointment was put off to the 21st. My back is killing me - on the opposite side from impact. The pain will radiate around to my navel, but enough of this stuff. There is more to life than complaining. My main reason for posting about the fall was because we really have a killer step!! That's two of us in the last three months, and four in the last year!

I got the new computer yesterday. It is Windows 7. I am intimated. Things are so different. It suggested I do a backup of the system yesterday. So I got my CDs out. Guess what. It won't write to them - at least for this. I don't have DVDs so I am not using the new jewel yet.

The keyboard is so "touchy." When I was going to put in my name - I didn't get it all in, so that will be wrong for eternity I guess. So here I am on the old Gateway with my air card puttering around the Internet because Comcast IS STILL DOWN!!!

I am going to go to the desk top because I know they will have me become a contortionist to fix it. I was going to get a new router, but with no signal, what's the use right now.

Have a great weekend!

Peace be with you.


Marti said...

Whew! Glad your knee is ok. Not good about the back though. Think they will give you a good talking to when you go in? lol

Dh's new computer won't write to some of our disks either & I can't figure out why.

Cheyenne said...

I, too, was intimidated when I got my new computer earlier this year with Windows 7. But before long I was crusing along like I had been doing it most of my life. You, too, will get used to it and find that it is so much better than what you had before.

Glad you are better. That was a nasty, nasty fall you had.