Friday, August 27, 2010

Sore muscles

I was so inspired by Jude with her cleaning that I was really motivated to get off my rear and get this house clean. If she can clean to the extent she is, then I certainly can do it. So I set out. And it is really cleaning that no one will notice!! It didn't touch the clutter, but then ...

It has been about five years since I have attacked this dirt with a vengeance. Isn't that absolutely horrible. I have surface cleaned, but that was about it. January five years ago was the cancer diagnosis and mastectomy. That took more from me than I thought at the time. I think it depressed me more than I thought it did.

Shortly after the mastectomy, I began chemo, with it attacking strength. The began the radiation. The radiation caused such terrible burns on my neck on the right side and down to the under arm. While the area was numb from the nerves being cut, those blisters make things difficult.

I didn't seek help for the depression. I thought it was not as deep as it really was, but I went on through it. My activities were practically done away with, and the house - well it was pretty much fending for itself.

In here somewhere, the knees, that hurt when I retired, began to really scream. So finally, as you know, I had that taken care of. Which brings me to the here and now. I am so happy that I am for all intents and purposes - pain free. So it's time.

Yesterday, I tackled the tile floor. You know, I had it put in to be easy care, and it really has been thank heavens. G has tried to help, but you know - a man. But it got the scrubbing it has been begging for. I used a spray bottle with anti- bacterial floor cleaner, and got the wonderful Rainbow vacuum out.

Please don't think the floor has never been cleaned in five years. It has been swept and mopped - but on a needs to do basis. It has been really cleaned now. One area that was bad because it just got partially mopped is right at the back door in the utility room. No dirt there now. This doesn't show, but I am proud.

There is clean - and then there is clean. Hey all you dirt lurking behind things - beware. I have to work out this soreness anyway!

Peace be with you.

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Judy said...

A lot of the places I cleaned really weren't noticeable either, but they were there and once I realized that, I had to get it clean. It has been easy to just let things go and only surface clean--I know how that feels--to just hurt so much you just can't do it. I don't know about chemo and radiation burns, not experiencing them, but hearing them from others, but I understand why you had no strength to go anything except concentrate on staying alive.

Now look at you--healthy and pain free.

For some reason, even though no one would come in here and notice I had cleaned, it makes me feel so good emotionally.

Pretty soon K--I will be pain free (please, God) and then keeping it clean won't be a problem. I too still have my clutter, but at least, the surface under it is clean, LOL.