Friday, September 10, 2010

Wonder of wonders

I did something today I thought I would never do. I used to laugh at my kids for this very thing. I would mock commercials on TV. I thought this was absolutely silly and a waste of money. But I have joined all these people. I bought the top of the line Sprint carries. I think there might even be an app to make dinner in there somewhere.

SIL and Daughter took me to the store where they purchased their phones. You see I accidently knocked my air card on the floor when changing files from the Gateway to the new Dell. It shattered into three pieces. Well the cover came off and the sim card came out. When I went to the AT&T store, I could buy a new air card for $99 and add two more years on to my account. Since I am having a brain fart, I think I already went on and on about this. I have told every soul I know and even whined to a fence post.

Anyway, this contraption that owns me now is even its own hot spot. Right now the thing is laying there, plugged in to the wall, gaining strength to overtake me. It is scaring me to death. But it will get on the Internet itself. It just points to my inability to type. I tried to log onto one of my gmail accounts in the store. I never made it.

So now I have two entirely new applications to learn. I really miss the old XP. It was like a good old robe. Soft and fuzzy. Now I am using this Windows 7 wondering where some of the programs I downloaded onto it might have gone. I finally figured out how to make the icons small. They used to fill the whole screen.

So I have the new phone and the new computer. At least my phone bill will be less - in fact about half of what it was when it was cell phone with air card. I am curious about the speed of the new phone/computer/television/and who knows what else I have to find.

Filled with the internet - depleted with the money.

Peace be with you.

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