Thursday, September 09, 2010


Are passwords some kind of plot to make those who are seniors believe they are losing their minds? It certainly would seem so.

I am plagued by passwords for the bank, and that one requires you always use the same computer. Changing computers has been a trial enough, but that one was really terrible.

I have passwords for my email account. Ok, I have had that one so long I remember it. It usually is recorded on the computer. That makes access much easier.

I have a password to get to the posting here. I password for online shopping places. Those I usually forget in about 30 seconds. Now I even have passwords for the free embroidery sites. I know there are other places that require a password. That, in itself, illustrates my problem.

I am drowning in numbers. Password experts tell us to not use obvious numbers and letters. They tell us to change them often. I only have so much space in my feeble brain.

I so worry about dementia since my dad died of it. I try to make light of the fact I can't remember names, have word call problems, etc by saying that it is menopause brain or it is chemobrain -even though I competed those long ago. If all else fails, I say it is anesthesia brain.

If I can't remember a person's name, just how am I supposed to remember numbers interspersed with letters that constantly change?? Writing them down is not supposed to be a good answer. What is the recourse?

Peace be with you.


Cheyenne said...

My mother passed away too from Alzheimer's disease so I try to keep my brain busy, busy, busy.
And I don't care what they say, I keep a little tablet with all my passwords in it. Goodness, I could never remember all of them and I am not happy if I am locked out of a place I need to get into.

Jeanette said...

I have to change my passwords every 6 months at work and I just keep using different variations of the same ones!

Grandma K said...

I, too had to change passwords at work. I would use the same basic one and add either a 1 or 2. Those just switched back and forth.

I use a note pad for them also. I also use the same ones over and over!
Oh my identity is so at risk I guess.

Susan Adcox said...

My dad, who is 94, tried to log into his email the other day, and I guess he typed his password wrong because they gave him a "captcha"--one of those distorted words to type in. I had a terrible time trying to explain this step to him! Some things just don't make sense to someone who was born in 1915! (When I was entering this comment, I got the first "captcha" wrong and had to try again. And I'm still far from 94!)