Sunday, February 28, 2010

A litle this, a dab of that

The other night when I was having trouble sleeping, I decided to explore an antiqe wash stand that sits beside the bed. Two drawers used to hold hose - when I was teaching and had to wear the vile things everyday.

I haven't been through one of the sections in a looooooong time. So I opened it. There were papers there which upon closed inspection turned out to be old scrap books. I mean 1930's old. One that is particularly brittle was my mother's scrapbook from high school! She graduated in 1932 to give you a frame of reference.

I found all sorts of pictures there, including a tin type of a great grandfather. So I decided I would get a really nice album to put these pictures in. I have done that once with some pictures that only went back about 50 years. I nicely labeled them, posted them, and gave the album to Daughter. I am going to do the same with this.

I know I want the pictures in it, but I'm, not sure what I want to do with some of the other things that were collected by a high school girl. She has all sorts of awards and other school paraphernalia there. I will probably put it in the album.

That got me thinking about my own high school scrap book. It is gone. It can never be found again. It was in the house at the lake. I saw bits and pieces of it scattered about the house post vandals. Now that property is gone. G would have had a fit had I gone about picking up those things. He is not the type for that!

I worked on that for about 2 hours, and then decided I was tired. I tried to get up and was reminded in full force that I overdid it yesterday!

G was going to the grocery store. I announced I was going along. Well, it cost a fortune, but at least there is food in the house to eat. With him having gone the last month, we sometimes come up lacking on somethings. I usually don't eat a full meal at once, so I like a little snack in there. Now I have some low calorie things that hold me over until the next meal. But I made the entire store!!

Then I wanted to take Lady Bug to the craft store so she could pick out her fabric for her scrap book that I will make a monogrammed cover for. I also wanted to look for glass bricks. I understand Hobby Lobby had them, and I think they have a light with them, for $10. I have an idea for our summer craft show.

We got the fabric, and I was starting to feel the "good knee" (as in not operated on yet) really hurt. I did make it across the store to get the album I needed, but honestly, I didn't think I could finish. I never found those darn bricks.

So I'll have to go again some other day - when I'm not sore. I am now. I really overdid yesterday, but it was so nice to get out and be free again!!



Susan Adcox said...

Scrapbooks are real treasures! My second granddaughter wants to make one as a graduation gift for first granddaughter, and I have promised to help, but time is running out and we haven't started yet.

I am sorry that you lost your own scrapbook. And, yes, if scrapbooking were up to the men, it would be a lost art. Most of them just don't get it.

angela said...

I'm lost about scrapbooking myself...I always think they are lovely, but do not organize well enough not to be overwhelmed. I've kept things rather haphazardly too being a transient/military brat--too many moves to find some of the old stuff.

Each summer my mom asks if I'd like to go up in her attic where some of the old stuff is hidden. I've already got more stuff though and no where to put anything.