Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh, my!

The words of Dr Bones when he was reading the CT scan. That was followed up with something along the lines of "I don't know which was worse, the knee or the back." Great.

They he went on to say his goal is to make the knee hurt worst than the back. Well, thanks Doc! I love you too. His theory is that because the nerves are so impinged, the pain signal from the knee isn't getting through, so I am sitting here in bliss because the pain signal is blocked.

He has referred me to the Pain Management people. They (and he) do not believe in back surgery. I knew I loved him. So the plan is that I will see them, they will numb the back and give me four epidural shots.

Between you and me, I don't think the numbing of the back will do squat for what is coming! But I have to look for what will come. He is thinking 90% improvement. I would like to think 100%, but that is the school teacher coming out in me - shoot for the best.

So if I haven't heard from them by late morning tomorrow, I will call. Then the appointment will be made for sometime next week. Oh, please let there be relief. I could feel the pain shooting down from the lumbar region through my right buttocks heading for the leg. The left has twinges, but that right is ready to give me hell.

If I don't have considerable relief from this nerve impingement, I will not have the right knee done. I can feel now that a good deal of the pains I have felt are from the back problem. We'll see what each day brings.


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judemiller1 said...

I am beginning to think ALL my pain is coming from the back==just showing up in hip and leg and knee. No back surgery==it rarely helps.