Thursday, February 11, 2010

New development

This isn't exactly new, I have been having back problems for many, many years. I didn't mention this to Dr Bones because no other ortho really listened.

So yesterday was the day for my follow up visit. They took me back to take an x-ray. I told them the knee was great, but my back - oh my back. Dr Bones ordered a lumbar film too.

They got me into the room, and G and I sat for a bit. (the story about G is another one for later) It wasn't but a minute before Dr Bones blew into the exam room followed by his nurse (who is his right hand! She amazes me.) He looked at the x-ray of my back and said "oh, my!" Not good.

Nurse V began cutting the staples. Now that was an experience. It is what I shall dread about knee number two - if we can get this back under control. So, here they go - both talking and doing their thing. She is cutting, he talking about my back. I was about to just faint away!

To sum it up - I will have a CAT scan on my back. We had hoped for today, but they can't do it until Saturday. That's good. No one has to take time off. Then I will have some sort of injection in the nerve at either L5 or L6. I don't know if anyone ever heard me say that it is hurting on both sides, just the left is worse.

He said fixing the knee irritated the nerve more, and that's my problem. So until further medical action, it's pain pills and muscle relaxers for me! Being medicated like that coupled with this cold, wet weather, I sleep a lot. Thanks for all the comments and wishes. Means a lot.



angela said...

I'm glad the doc listened to you and did something about it. Blessings.

Marti said...

Oh my! I'm sorry your back got got involved, but if he can fix it so you don't have back pain, that would be wonderful. Does he think the injection will take care of it, or just a temporary pain killer?

Grandma K said...

I've had back problems for many, many years. Usually I get sent to PT, and that does help. I thought I had just found all that lost weight with its friends, and that was the problem. But with my knees, I couldn't get on the floor to exercise the back.

With the knee getting better, the sciatic nerve came to the foreground. I had problems on the right, but never dreamed it would bloom like this on the left.

I am hoping the injection will be a fix by allowing the disk area to relax (I guess) and stop pushing on the nerve.

Thanks for your comments!