Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I called bone doctor's office yesterday morning. At least, I thought I did. My back and leg were hurting so much that I took two pain pills yesterday morning. I was concerned about taking more PT. I didn't think the session should cause this much pain.

When TJ the PT (I just had to do that), got here, I told him what was going on. There was only one exercise I cut back on. After PT I did feel pretty good, but that was a situation that didn't last long.

About 6:30, bone nurse called - finally. She said to not do some of the exercises that involved the hip, and come in tomorrow, as is scheduled. I think more is going to added to PT. I think TJ the PT thinks so too. He said I should call him when I get home, and then he will come for theapy.

I really wish my daughter would take a good long look at what I am going through. She is so much like me. If I hadn't been bull-headed when I was young, I don't think I would be in the shape I'm in. I moved furniture without help - so does she. Things that would be better waiting for help, she (and me in my day) just goes ahead and does whatever.

My mind is half fog right now. The single pain pill I took a while ago is kicking in.



Marti said...

{{{K}}} I'm so sorry the PT is so painful. I know what you mean about seeing your daughter doing the same things that caused you problems later. I keep trying to tell my daughters to take care now while they still can.

angela said...

I remember the PT person I worked with for a while saying to take some pain meds before PT so that the aching does not start during...and I would think afterwards you'd need some too. Knees are particularly hard to relax. I hope it only gets better.