Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weather forecasters

Following a summer where those clowns on TV couldn't stand in front of a map of the tropics to shout total destruction by a hurricane, we now have an unusual winter. It really is, and they are really enjoying the strangeness of the situation.

Most of Swampland will not have any snow today. It will fall more to the north. Here in Swampland surburb, we may get a stray flake or two, but it won't be anything but rain. Cold, miserable rain. Our freeway overpasses and other bridges may freeze, but that in itself isn't too unusual for winter.

This silliness began last week when they saw this particular front out there on the west coast. One weather clown began with the s word. Soon they were all following suit. Now they are all saying they were the first to forecast snow! They are also busy looking at the weather history to see how this winter aligns with other winters.

It's sad to say that as soon as we get out of this weird weather we will be close to hurricane season again. I. Can. Hardly. Wait.


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Judy said...

I heard earlier that Dallas got more snow than Michigan did this winter--we are not amused and are intent on not only catching up, but passing Dallas with over 8 inches in the last two days. ARGGH

I was all for letting Dallas keep that record.