Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Still going on

I tried to cut back on the muscle relaxers and pain pills yesterday. That wasn't such a good idea, so I am taking what seems to be the lowest amount I need. It still makes my brain fuzzy, and thoughts are so hard to form - and remember! But anyway!

One thing I wanted to share was Monkey Boy's comment about the scar on my knee. It is about 18 inches long, and I finally took most of the bandages off Sunday. Monkey Boy was sitting on the floor, and when he looked over he said "Grandma, that's a bad cut you've got there!" From the mouths of kids . . .

One of the effects of these pills is to make me a little more emotional. I knew it would happen, but I am so tired of being here. I don't think it would be so bad if I could go upstairs. Were it not for the pills, I think I could. But lightheaded and stairs don't mix well.

Another thing that is causing me a bit of a problem is Wiggle Worm. His birthday party (total blow out) is Saturday. His real birthday is tomorrow. They (parents) have decided that they will have cake tomorrow about 6:15-6:30.

This is a tough time for us down here in what DIL considers close to the "hood." G has been getting off at 4:30 to come home to care for me. He is behind at work, and plans to stay a little later for the rest of the week. Even so, we all down here (us and Daughter's family) don't eat until late.

We don't have a "rush hour." We have "rush hours." The time they have chosen are right in the middle of this time. It will be a bear to get to them. But if we don't. All hell will break loose - at least our ears will be burning like I don't know what.

It's really sad, but we don't know Wiggle Worm. We are the ones who come in last. After all DIL's family has been seen, and they do all the things they want with them - we are given a crumb of time.

With that last statement - it is time to stop! I don't know what/who is speaking here. I need to find out before this goes on. I may need to get these feelings buried again. Soon.



Judy said...

I have just been informed that my youngest daughter is not have a "family" birthday party for my youngest grand daughter. So--when do we go over to give her, her present? I don't know. They are once again having a BIG party for her with her friends. I will take her shopping for her gift--all alone, just she and I. I do that with her older brother--at least I will get to see her and we have fun doing this together. Sometimes I wonder who raised my kids? Some of them certainly don't act like they were taught by me to act--as in--"family first"--oh well.

flying eagle woman said...

I hate growing up...and all the things you have to "learn" about being grown up!