Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More drama!

After leaving Dr Bone's office, I made the appointment for the CT scan for Saturday. Happy, happy times. I thought I would be well on my way to healing by Wednesday and the world was bright!

Saturday we arrived for the scan. They had me for an MRI. The receptionist was going to argue until I whipped out my copy of the orders. She then looked at her second page, which was my orders. There it was - CT scan. The problem - no technician to do that scan.

So we made the appointment for Monday. I already had an appointment with Dr Heart ( and I still can't figure out why), but I thought he wasn't that important. The scan was for 9am and the cardio was 10:15. Easy. I hope.

The dawn comes yesterday, and I haul myself out of bed. We eat a quick breakfast and head over the the center. We are there early, and there are just a bare sprinkling of other patients. I complete some forms and pay (first things first, you know). I go over to sit, and I am there for only about 5 minutes before I am called back.

I change clothes, fight with the lock on the locker, and then find they are waiting for me. I go to the room, hop on the table, get situated, and bam, I'm done! It is 8:45.

So we head over to Dr Heart. I get in - on time, but that meant a 30 minute wait anyway. I could tell he wasn't sure why I was there either, but that's ok. We were home by 11, amd G was on his way to work.

That meant I could take a nap. Which I did - until 3. I don't know why I slept so much, but I did.

I was amazed how well things clicked yesterday. Saturday, I was really upset with the whole thing. Now, hopefully, I will hear from Dr Bones today, and I will be on the way to no pain.

With no pain that means I will have my brain back. This fog is getting old. I don't know how the addicts do it. My brain just gives me little starts and stops. I hate it!



Judy said...

Glad everything is going great with you. I think the fog is probably from the pain killers, but I know that pain can cause the fog. All the time, with the pain I have..it distracts me. I don't smile or laugh as much as I used too--it just hurts too much and that is all that is in my brain.

Marti said...

I'm glad yesterday went smoothly. I have no idea how doctors' brains work, maybe he was just covering his bases by sending you to Dr. Heart. Doctors certainly don't care about how much it costs the patient. Were they able to tell you anything after the scan?

I hope they can fix the pain soon too so you can get out from under the fog.

オテモヤン said...