Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I got my hand slapped!

Yesterday I was sitting here with the home health nurse finishing up our certification when the phone rang. It was Dr Bone's nurse. She asked me if I had "the machine" and I smartly replied that I did not - I didn't think I needed it. She told me that I certainly did need it, and she was going to call the company to get it delivered to me. So.

Poor Andre. I had told him I didn't need it earlier in the day, and when he called about delivering it, I apologized - profusely. He was true to his word, he was here about 6:45. In comes this monster. He looks at me reclining on my antique sofa and said he didn't think it would fit. I didn't even, so we headed back to the bedroom.

The worst thing about this whole ordeal is that after having breast cancer and it's associated treatments three years ago left me completely wiped out during that time, and then knees got really bad about the same time. Moving was a pain (sorry for the pun). My house is the pits. I had to let a stranger into the bedroom. I was just so humiliated.

Anyway back to the saga of "the machine." He set it up on the bed, and I could see that it was every bit as heavy as the one in the hospital. All the nurses complained about the weight. We got is all set up, I got attached to the thing, and we ran it for a bit making sure it worked. This thing is to passively move my leg - pulling the knee up to the chest while I am laying there. I should use it 6-8 hours a day (!?!??).

At bedtime, there was the behemoth. Still there. I don't know why G didn't move it when he tested its weight earlier. So, bull headed German I am, I moved that rascal. Just about killed me too, but I'll never admit it!

I just don't know how I am supposed to use this thing. I cannot put myself in it. According to nurse Valarie, it is to keep blood clots from forming. I think I better get really good at wiggling my toes a lot.

Right now the only fear about knee number 2's replacement is my butt. The second day after surgery, I was so sore. I couldn't move without so much pain - in my butt muscles. It got worse day 3. They still hurt. I remember this is part of what happens to me in the hospital. I don't know why. It doesn't seem to happen to others. Right now I am sitting on a pillow because these chairs simply don't have enough padding, and mine, while being ample, is too sore to sit on it.

In fact, I just took a pain pill, and the effects are being felt! I better close or this little post will be illegible - even with spell check, et al.



Marti said...

Do you have to sleep with the machine on the bed with you? I can't believe you moved it by yourself. You'd better not have strained that knee! Maybe all the anesthesia settled in your rear?

Blood clots are bad, btdt, avoid them!

Grandma K said...

To use that thing, I guess I should be sleeping with it! Get a little action that way - not. Doing everything I can to keep the blood clots away. I would try to walk outside, but it cold and trying to rain.