Monday, March 01, 2010

Men - honestly!

G and I have been married 42 years in August, and he still pulls some boner stunts that amaze me! I will swear he is getting worse as he ages!

Today I was here in my usual place during the morning time, reading emails and blogs, dressed still in pj's, when I see the meter reader coming up the driveway. I didn't think anything of it. They come once a month. It's OK. Then the door bell rings, and a knock at the door.

Of course, Simone acts like she is the guard dog that will rip you to pieces. I thought my protective husband would come from the bedroom in the back to answer the door. (He is off today) I waited a bit. He is still back there. I was wondering because I knew he had already spent his half hour in the "study." Fortunately my slovenly housekeeping allowed me to have my robe in here on the tote that we take back and forth to the SSB.

I grabbed my robe, finding that the sash wasn't with it, and head to the door. I am half way there when the charging boxer stops dead in her tracks. I guess she realized that she would get there before me. That might mean she would have to face the intruder on her own. Still no brave husband.

I stumble around the dog and get to the door. The meter reader has to get into the backyard to read the meter. For some reason when we finally got that meter for the generator installed, they put in a regular meter - not one that sends the information. Great. This will be a monthly thing, but where has this guy been for the last few months??

I turn to go to get the gate key. Still no brave man. As I reach the key holder, here is comes. Alas the hero to the rescue. His comment about what he was doing. You won't believe.

"I was in the middle of combing my hair."

WHAT?? I still can't believe this.

Anyway - peace.


Jenn Jilks said...

I love it!

judemiller1 said...

This happened to me the other day--sitting here at the computer in my short nightie when I see the snow removal man pull up and he is going to come to the door to get his money, right? Fred is in the back of the house somewhere, so I race (year, right) back and grab my robe--I should put it on before I leave the bedroom in the morning, and rush to the door--with the dawg barking and carrying on. Open the door a smidge and hand him the money.

When I asked Fred why he didn't answer the door as he was up and dressed, he said, 'I was in the bathroom putting in my teeth."


Cheyenne said...

Love that story. But it's true...these men of ours just don't get it when it comes to stuff like that. They do have their "duh" moments.

Cheyenne said...
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Susan Adcox said...

Too funny! Especially since most of our husbands don't have that much hair to comb!

angela said...

Smile. For some reason my boxers seem to know if it's a mailman or meter person--and that is when they protect us. Now, if I opened the door, they would run away...but while they are behind me, they are very brave.

My husband seems to have all manner of work scheduled when I am the one home to watch the installation of doors and such. Like I'd know if the guy is doing it wrong. I just offer water and random conversation.

I dream of a day when I can spend some time in my jammies. When it snowed I came close.