Thursday, June 26, 2014


We came back from the SSB a day early.  There are several reasons for this, and I am not sorry we did come back early.

We decided that Hilda Happy Hour wasn't worth staying for another day because our neighbor did pass away on Sunday.  I spent hours on the internet searching for his funeral information.  So we figured it would be either today or tomorrow.  Finally word came on Tuesday evening. 

We have an internet place called Next Door for our community.  I think it is a wide-spread thing, but it is supposed to be subdivision specific.  Anyway, that's where the news came.  The viewing is tonight, ending with a rosary, and the funeral is tomorrow.  We will miss the funeral because we are leaving for Dallas tomorrow. Geesh!!

My "problem" from the salad is pretty much over.  I will not go into graphic detail except to say I was able to get a good night's sleep last night - slept all the way through without having to RUSH to the bathroom!

It really kills me though that I have to go through all that again on Monday since I have a colonscopy scheduled for Tuesday.   He could have done that last Tuesday - for sure!

I am looking forward to Wednesday of next week!  No "problem," home (for a week and a half).  Priceless.

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Marti said...

We have Next Door also, but so far I'm the only one on it. Guess my neighbors aren't interested.

Thanks for the reminder (not) that I need to get my colonoscopy scheduled. Hope yours goes well.