Monday, June 09, 2014

Strange - well not really

Last night was the "family dinner" time.  We went to Christina's house.  There  was an important Swim Team board meeting, so I took the eldest three to dinner because the time we meet was at the exact same time as the meeting.

When we walked in, the only grandchild out was the gregarious Holden - the two year old.  They also have a new puppy, so I got to meet him.  But the house was strangely quiet.  William and Delaney were no where in sight.  Of course, Reagan immediately headed for William's room to get toys, and Karrington went into the toy room, and the dragging out of toys began.

After a bit,Delaney started peaking around the door to her parent's room.  She never came out.  We sat for over an hour with just the four kids and two dogs.  I really was beginning to believe they had convinced parents to allow them to go to their Nie Nie's house (Christina's mom). 

Finally they were forced to come out to eat.  I was still at the table, and both of them - especially Delaney - warmed a little.  I even got a smile from William.

I know that I have a problem relating to young kids.  I am an only child.  My teaching certification is secondary.  Under about 12, I have a bit of a problem.  In fact - I really like the 12-15 year olds!!

Reagan is 10 and Karrington is 6.  They can still be hard to take for me, but we manage pretty well.  I do know that Christina's mom allows the kids pretty much free rein.  Her dad and step mom I think do the same, and they are with them more.

The old adage about a daughter is a daughter all her life and a son a son until he takes a wife.  That was true of G, and I thought it was just because of his relationship with his mother, but his brother goes to his wife's family more too.  Their kids are closer to those cousins than my kids.  It's the way it seems to be.


I was reading Judy's blog about her granddaughter.  She remarked about all the kids that used to be at her house when her kiddos were young.  That was true around here.  After the Friday night football game, they would be here.  I never knew who would be on my den floor on Saturday morning.  I loved it - and I knew where my kids were.  Other parents could rest more easily also.  They knew their kids were here - and safe.  I do miss those days.  It was really a lot of fun.

My best friend's son and Krissi were close friends.  I used to wish they were dating (and get married) but Jeff is a little too demanding.  He is an Emergency Room doctor now - and owns a couple of medical clinics, but he is separated from wife number two.  Jeff and Krissi would never have made it!

But I digress.  He had a date one night that he took home, then returned here to be with the group.  For some reason his date must have gone out again.  Her mom called Jeff's mom.  She didn't know how to tell this mom that Jeff was spending the night at Krissi's.  We still get quite a chuckle out of that!


And so we are off again tomorrow.  We are headed to Arkansas for yet another train convention.  I worry a bit because we are headed right into the area of severe weather.  At church yesterday, I was talking to a friend about the trip and he told me if I saw a tornado to be sure to get a picture of it for him.  Yeah, right Scott!! Like that will happen!

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Jeanette said...

Have a wonderful trip! Hope the weather holds out!