Tuesday, June 17, 2014


At least for two more days, then it's off to the SSB.  When we come back, the next day it's off to Dallas for a weekend family reunion.  Geesh!

Sunday we drove from Springdale to Houston.  It's only a short ten hours.  For some, that's not a big deal.  For me,  that used to be a death march.  I guess the twice a month drives (there and home) of five and a half hours have me toughened.  So in three weeks, I will be on the road about 40 hours.

When we walked in Shadow was true to his name.  He is such a cowardly cat.  It took him a while to realize that it was us, not some stranger to be afraid of.  He was here, alone, from Tuesday to Sunday.  He had plenty of food, water and litter.  He didn't eat as much as I had expected.  I guess he was sad and lonely.  In the past year, he has become quite the needy cat.  He is usually with me - everywhere!

We picked up Clyde yesterday.  He acted strangely when we got him home too.  I guess he was exhausted!  I think the barking dogs kept him on edge.  He slept, soundly, on the couch all day.  He seems back to more normal today.  At least he will be with us for the next week plus.  Of course then it's back to the vet for kenneling.  Poor baby.


I have moaned and groaned to you about G "breaking" his computers.  Well, he has been using this one.  Guess what.  It is as balky as a mule now.  I don't know where he has been going, and I know that he doesn't download (thankful for small favors), but when I tried to get on line with Family Tree Maker last night, it was blocked from the internet. 

Of course, my virus/firewall program updated yesterday.  I had not tried to get on before the update, but ...  I will work on all that more later today. 


I would upload pictures from the trip, but I didn't really take many.  Part of the reason being I am so upset about the new camera  that does such a great job, and partly because I don't care how good the camera is,  they just cannot do justice to great scenery.  Plus, many of the pictures had to do with trains and their equipment. 

So I am off in a bit to restock the larders.  Knowing we would not be around for almost a month, I let things go - even if they would be in the freezer.  Even little things like the basic food prep things.  That is my job for the day.

Have a great one!



wish you had the time to drive the 90 miles down to West and have a kolache, skunk egg and a pivo..

Judy said...

To my, my computer is a very personal thing--like MY toothbrush, or MY razor, or MY recliner. I would no more let my husband use it than I would use his. Gr-rr--good thing I am not married, I think.