Sunday, June 08, 2014

At least half of them love me

Grandchildren that is.  When you have six, I guess it's something to have half of them love you, but it really does break my heart.

Krissi's kids are so demonstrative.  They show unconditional love.  Brian's not so much. 

Last Sunday for family dinner, all William  (his 5 year old) could do nothing but hang on Brian crying I don't want to be here.  I want to go home.  Delaney (the three year old daughter) never got close.  Meanwhile, the older ones - Krissi's kids - were all over me.  He finally warmed a bit when they all went out to swim.

Yesterday Brian and family came to swim.  I thought William would be ok.  No. 

We have a  small water slide with the pool.  G and I don't use it anymore, and a few years ago a supposedly great plumbing company while doing other work damaged the pipes that run out and around the pool to the slide.  It HAS to have water going down it.

Usually, if a child isn't a swimmer, I don't allow them to use the slide.  These kids, with the exception of the two year old, won't even let water splash in their faces.  But they wanted to go down if Brian would catch them.  Last week the older ones, who are all on either/and/or swim team and water polo were using it. 

We terry-rigged the hose down slide, and I set about doing that again with Brian's help.  William, who is sure is KNOWS everything, was going to try to hook up the slide to the outlet at the slide.  Even when I told him that didn't work  was determined that was the fix.

When he got on the slide, he moved the end of the hose each and every time he was up there.  When his sister came up, she got scared and wanted down.  She couldn't do anything but go down the slide because he was right on the top step.  When told to get down - you guessed it.  He was told to not even go up the ladder when someone was getting ready to slide.  Might as well have been talking to the pecan tree behind him

He finally sat on the diving board.  The hose was laid over the board.  And I will swear, he had a look of glee on his face when he picked up that hose and crimped it off just as Delaney was going to go down.  We had told them over and over that the water had to be on and covering the slide because the fiberglass would give them a terrible burn if not.  Katie was going down with Karrington last week, and her ankle got too close to the side.

Well - William just sulked and pouted because I scolded him.  I have mentioned before that they are pretty much allowed to "run wild."

After coming in - he would not get within 8 feet of me.  He stayed in Brian's lap.  He wanted a blanket, and Brian MADE him come to me to ask.  He just mumbled the whole time.

I have a toy chest here for the kids.  He has asked Christina to take some of the toys home before and I really think this time he snuck some out without saying anything.

I guess he doesn't know what to do with grandparents who allow them to do whatever they want.  I don't and I won't.  Two weeks ago, he was shooting the little nerf bullets into Kristine's kitchen (they belonged to Reagan) and into the food.  I was the one who stopped that.

Guess I am the grandmother from hell!


Cheyenne said...

When I was little I preferred going to my maternal grandmother (grandfather died before I was born) and was not all that keen on going to my paternal grandparents as they were more strict.
Other than that I don't know what to tell you other than to hang in there and maybe as they get older they will come around.

Grandma K said...

I recognize another problem I have with the younger kids. I am much more comfortable around pre-teens and up. My days teaching were in the upper grades. I have trouble relating to little kids!

Plus - as I age, I notice that the old addage about a daughter is a daighter ... is so true. I see it in more and more families. So that adds to it. Time spent together just isn't always equal, and that's the way it is.