Thursday, June 05, 2014

Get fit

I really need to do something.  I have been sedentary far too long.  Walking is difficult because of my disintegrating back.  The sciatica I have had for about forty years is just made worse by the disintegrating disks.  So I don't walk far before the pain is just too much,

Our strange weather (we have only had two ninety degree days since January) has kept the pool cold.  When I was younger, I could stand the cold water.  I would be in the pool by the first of May at the latest.  Not this year.  So I haven't had that.  I don't want to go to a gym to swim.  The folks that inhabit gyms are those that don't need to be there.  They are already buff and toned.  I know - that's how they got that way, but they are also too judgemental.

So - I have ordered Yoga for beginners.  I am not able to get on the floor.  The way I can get up is to get on my knees, and when I think of that Dr Frost's words echo in my head (titanium and the thin bone of the knee cap don't mix - don't kneel unless there is a lot of padding).  So the traditional yoga they did for years at church wasn't for me. 

Krissi has gotten into this Beach Body thingie.  She and Steve have lost mega weight, but their workouts are not for me!  They are rough, and it is standing - floor - standing - floor - and repeat for 30 minutes. 

They have a program I have been looking for and not able to find a class close by.  I have been wanting to do Tai Cheng forever.  So I paid the exorbitant price associated with anything body building wise and ordered it.  Since she has signed on to be a "coach," she gets a cut from my order, and by ordering the big pack - she can buy the Shakeology from me.  After reading the ingredients today after opening the package, I can't use it anyway with my :( gout.  (Bah humbug.  If it's not one thing its another.  Getting old isn't for wimps.)

So even though I hate the name of the group with all these programs that you have probably seen on TV like T25, P90x3 or something like that, I am not looking for a beach body!  I want the benefits of the Tai Cheng. 


Judy said...

A lot of older people do the Tai Cheng so it must be doable for us with arthritis.


I want to do more exercise and lose some weight ..but I'm like you..the pain makes it unbearable..but I know if I lose weight I'll be healthier..sigh*

Grandma K said...

Jackiesue - it is a real Catch-22. The extra pounds cause pain, but the pain means you don't do as much as you want. Sheesh!

Grazing on the lawn should knock some poinds off. I am the first to admit that I am not a vegetable eater. That probably has caused my problems. I. Am. A. Carnivore.