Saturday, June 21, 2014

Blank for a title, no really - blank

We have been here at the SSB since Thurday afternoon.  That means there would be grocery shopping on Friday.  That was a very important trip because we were the hosts for community club that night.

I found a salad that sounded absolutely delicious, so I made my list.  I decided I would make two - one Friday and one Saturday (today) or Sunday for the Lange Family Reunion.  That is my newly found family!

We needed to stop at the community club building to check on plates and the like. So that would put us out of the way for Fredericksburg (and the GO  OD grocery).  I didn't push the issue, and G decided we would go to Mason and the crappy grocery.

Things weren't as bad as I thought shopping there.  The selection of vegetables and fruits is limited, but it was when I was looking for scallions - green onions! - that I realized they were really limited.  Each salad was to have them.  None!!

So I had some great red onions that I substituted.  It was the most delicious salad!  It was so delicious that I pretty made a meal of it along with some other vegetables that were there.  That was all gout friendly.   People raved about the salad, and it was almost gone.

This morning I woke to unpleasantness.  I had too much roughage.  You know what I mean!  I have had a problem all day.  Most of the food I bought for us for the week was fruits and vegetables.  I don't know exactly what I am going to do.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better - since it's the family reunion.  But I am making German potato salad (fitting) and a cake!

We played bingo after the meeting.  Things were going to be great, but the markers for the cards were too few.  I had forgotten the BEANS to augment those little markers. 

The bad part of last night was when I read the neighborhood Facebook posting.  My next door neighbor probably isn't going to live.  He is in ICU with heart failure.  We have been neighbors for about 35 years.  His youngest and my daughter are the same age, but my son would play with Rodney as a kid too.  

This will be two dads of my kiddo's friends to die in three months.  It is really sad.  Every time my phone indicates there is a message, I hold my breath.

I have a feeling we will be missing a funeral.  Mixed feelings there.


Judy said...

The salad sounds wonderful. I used to get that problem too, but now, basically all I eat is roughage and only get some gas, once in awhile. Sorry about the neighbor--the older we get, the more funerals we are to attend I guess.

Marti said...

I would love to find a salad I really like.

I'm sorry to hear about your gout diagnosis. I was told I had that one time, but I was skeptical and didn't really change my diet and haven't had any problems since then. I do have arthritis in my right hand. I figure I'd better do everything I can now while my fingers still bend, but I'm getting that telltale knot on some joints.

I hope you can find foods that don't trigger it. Can you eat fish?

Grandma K said...

Marti - I am not really a salad eater either, but that one was really good. I learned my lesson to not eat it as I did however~! I am just NOW getting over my "problem."

I haven't had anymore problems with the gout. I really believe it was caused by the stress the shoes put on my foot. I have been introducing all foods back into my diet, and things have been good.

My arthritis is getting much worse. My middle fingers don't close, and the back is so much worse.

I can eat fish, but my favorite is beef!! I am a real Texas girl, but chicken and fish are taking over so much.