Saturday, August 03, 2013

The adventures of living in Swampland, Texas

First -we had a sort of scare on Sunday.  I got a call from our insurance company who also issued us one of our credit cards on Sunday afternoon.  They basically said that our card had been compromised.  It was used five time in a grocery store north of here.

When I first answered the phone, I really was a little worried.  That card is basically G's card, and he wasn't here.  That is a story to tell later!!  Anyway, then they told me where the charges were made, and at first I was thinking he had stopped at another grocery in the chain.  But then the specifics came out.  Nope - our card had been used.

The night before we went to a rather upscale restaurant with Daughter and SIL to celebrate their anniversary.  Their anniversary is conveniently the day after my birthday.  I can remember it!  Anyway, it was decided that we would split the bill.  When all this with the hacked card came down, G noticed that we had been charged twice.  Then with this - we knew the hacking had come from this restaurant.

A day later, Daughter got a call from her card company.  In two transactions, over $1000 had been changed to a national lingerie company in Miami.  Fortunately the same day SIL had used the card at S*m's - so that put up a red flag.

She called our local police, and G called the Sheriff since the restaurant was in the county.  Both cards had been cancelled and new ones on the way.  Things seemed just fine.

Until Wednesday that is.  It seems one of our local police (we are a small incorporated city outside Swampland) also works for the Secret Service.  This case caught his eye.  So - this has gone big.

The really weird thing is that yesterday our Pastor posted on Facebook that someone hacked his debit card.  He didn't know it until he was trying to check out at the grocery store.  Others replied to him that it has happened to them too.

This is really scary.  Apparently we have a large group working this area that is hacking credit cards - more then normally happens.  I hate this because I use my card like my check book used to be used.  Gonna' have to watch it very closely!


Yesterday was marathon body maintenance day.  First was the eye appointment.  I had to travel some distance because my usual doctor isn't at that clinic anymore, and the one with whom I had the appointment isn't on my insurance.  Humph.  So off we went.

I used the map and directions on the web site to get there.  It was easier than what was published, but of course we went the hard way.

I have had an ear infection for weeks.  I couldn't hear thunder as they used to say.  I thought they called my name, and I wondered about that because I could see the order in which people were being called, and thee was another woman there.

Yep - I went in at the wrong time.  She nurse didn't realize it until the receptionist pointed it out to her after I was in.  Talk about embarrassed!  Oh well - it ended all good because I had an appointment with the ENT over here three hours later.

We got out and headed for the ENT, but decided to have lunch first.  G suggested St*ek and Sh*ke - I think because he didn't get to go with Daughter, Diva and me the day before.  Something was terribly wrong there.  There were at least 12 tickets in the window, and NO food was coming out.  This was 12:45.  My appointment, while across the street, was at 1:15.

There were about 15 workers from a local company in there awaiting their food too.  Finally one said that he was leaving - they only had 10 minutes left on lunch.  That got a lot of movement going and their food was prepared to go.  We got our food, and were only about 5 minutes late to the ENT.

However when I checked in the first snide comment was - "yes - at 9:45"   I said I called back to change it shortly after making it because when I put it in the calendar, I realized there was a conflict.  I was off to a great start here.

Then she said I HAD to have a referring doctor because Medicare/Medicade "la la la la ..."  I said the insurance was Medicare ADVANTAGE and Medicare was secondary.  I don't need referrals, and I checked with the company and they are "on the plan."  Then she got snootier.

In the end - I got in to see the doctor - and I am a fungus head.  A plain run of the mill  fungus in the right ear, and a yeast infection in the left.  Plus swollen mucus membranes from allergies.

He called in meds - of course one is so obscure, the main pharmacies don't have it.  The Ta*get across the street from him usually carries it.  I will just rinse my ears with the vinegar wash (???) he told me to do, and get the prescription filled when I go back on Monday - after the Cardio doc.  So I am booked again - 9:15 and 11.  Ah - such popularity!


We are babysitting Daughter's two boxers this weekend.  They are both hers because of me.  Princess was from our vet calling me about adopting her.  Fortunately Diva Girl fell in love with her - so they took her.  Angelica was to be my foster a couple of years ago, but she wanted to eat Shadow (and he will never be the same again - just ask Layla when we had her!).  Shadow is living upstairs for the weekend.

When they get back, I am sure I will have a story to tell then also.  They are having a family meeting with SIL's trashy family - about (horrors) money!



Judy said...

I cannot wait for the story!!! At least you have something to keep you busy--all the running around, LOL!!

Marti said...

Good grief, so many things going on. Why is the SS looking into credit card theft?

I've had the same experience at a S&S in Missouri. Took forever to get our order, and everyone else's too.

Hope you feel better soon. I can't take the pain of ear infections.