Friday, August 16, 2013

More Bonnie and Clyde

In one way, they are a delight - I suppose  that one way being Clyde!  He is just so laid back.  He is happy sleeping on the couch or in the club chair (much to my dislike, but he will be moving on at some point).  Bonnie on the other hand is a handful!   The other day she decided that she should chew up a paperback. She has  wanted to "play" with one of my throw pillows.  In other words, my house may be rather baby-proofed, but definitely not puppy proof.

I go to bed exhausted every night, and I get up tired because I haven't been able to sleep in as I would like.  Yesterday my Ophthalmologist appointment was 8:10.  I don't know what I was thinking!  I am in bed at 8:10.  So the dogs had an early day which they loved!

Yesterday, Shadow was desperate for attention.  He had strolled through the den night before last - when the dogs were asleep.  So at lunch he comes in to get affection.  Only the dogs were awake.  He ran into the kitchen where there was no outlet.  Bonnie was right with him, but not as close as Angelica had been.  Shadow turned, because twice his usual size, and hissed so loudly it was amazing.  Bonnie turned to get out. Clyde then wondered what the problem was.  We got both leashes (yes they drag them all the time so we can control in an emergency),  and got Shadow out.  Bonnie growled at him like she did the second night when she was crated.

They make life an adventure!  I think I am too old for this adventure!

Recent pictures I want to share.

Bonnie is often taking Clyde "for a walk".


Clyde's sweet face

Just normal - together most of the time.


Judy said...

I am really feeling sorry for Shadow and these "house invaders" she has to put up with lately.

JuJu said...

I know they are wearing you out, but good for you for helping them out while they find their forever home!

Shadow needs some tuna. :-)