Monday, August 19, 2013


After last night's fiasco with our foster fur babies, I am living in a delightful world of two dogs being in their crates.  I desperately needed a respite from mostly Bonnie, the hyper-puppy.

Last night after they had gone for their before bed jaunt, Shadow decided to stroll by the baby gate that blocks the hall off from the den.  Clyde, the supposed cat friendly one, decided he was really cat friendly.  He looked like Shadow would make a tasty mid-night snack.  Of course, G had taken his leash off.  All I could do was grab Bonnie's leash.  In the meantime, Shadow took off for the stairs making Clyde believe he had gone into the study (with no kids - all bedrooms with the exception of the master are not bedrooms anymore - can't have guests.).  G is standing there trying to reason with this dog while I am wrestling with Bonnie on a leash.  I finally get his leash and throw it to G.  

He then takes them outside while I try to find Shadow to secure him.  He isn't in the bedroom - thankfully, so I open the back door to try to monitor the escape artists in the back yard.  G has let them come to the door - both noses pushed against it I believe.  I open it and I am immediately overcome with dogs.  Mr Passive-Aggressive just stands there while I run to catch them since the baby gate isn't up.

After this - they are doomed for bed.  Bonnie has learned a new trick to avoid the "house."  She puts her chin on the top of the crate.  Then by the time I get the head off the top and try to put it in the crate, she has turned over.  That dog turns completely to jello.

Finally they are both crated.  But she is noisy all night.  

This morning, Clyde was more interested in the workman who I would swear is really completely re-building the house next door.  He has been there months and months remodeling the bathrooms and kitchen.  Still working now.  Clyde wanted to meet him,

Bring them back in.  Measure our food.  Don't like food because I have no more wet food nor stock to put on said food.  Try to turn it over with their noses.  I am taking oldest granddaughter to buy a craft item, so they go into crates (see last night for description).  No help from you-know-who.  

That's where they are right now.  It is pure heaven right now!


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They sure are keeping you busy!


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