Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My week at the SSB

Today is our last day for this trip.  I should be cleaning the house, but my plan was to begin in the master bath - with that stupid "garden tub" that I couldn't get out of now with a crane, so we use it for feeding the cat.  That way, Simone couldn't get to the cat food.  I can't get there now because I have a husband who I will swear has a real bowel problem.  He would kill me if he knew I was writing this, but he doesn't remember where this blog is, so ...

After EVERY meal, he has to go.  And then he stays in there for at least 20 minutes.  I got the laundry out, sorted and started.  Then I got all my cleaning supplies out of the utility room getting ready to tackle that bathroom.  Nope - door is shut.  So I will gripe to you.

We are here with Clyde.  Shadow is at home with daughter coming over everyday to give him his 1/2 can of wet food.  Clyde has just been way too interested in Shadow - and not in a good way.

He has really settled in here.  He and G have become fast friends.  We don't let him just run.  There is way too much cactus and a thorny bush called cat claw for him to be set free, and I have written about the snakes.  He is quite interested in moving things.  Anyway, G lets him wander over to the hunter's cabin area to do his business.  They go out way too often.  Clyde must have a Texas sized bladder,  and his food must not produce much waste because he doesn't have to go all that often.

They go out at 10 pm like Simone did.  Often as not, he won't do anything.  That is amazing.  Of course this morning when we really didn't have to get up early he came into the bedroom at 5:10 - barking.  G took him out and heard a hog on the other side of the fence.  Clyde didn't do anything then either, and they came back in.  He started barking again. I am sure it was the hogs.  I took him out this morning after his breakfast, and there were a lot of hog rooting spots around.  Oh yes, I do love my fence.  It was originally to keep the cattle away from the house if the drought ever breaks, the pastures get back, and we lease out again!

Bonnie is back with the woman who runs the rescue.  She would have driven us crazy here. Ann wasn't thrilled.  She has 18 dogs with her.  She has moved out of the city to about 110 miles away.  I think it was because of all the dogs, but I feel like she wasn't completely honest with me when I took these two.  I am not sure she has even posted them, and I don't know how she is going to meet potential adopters,  Her husband is off-shore until October, and she has to be in this little city to take and pick up her eight year old daughter.

She had forgotten that I had told her we would be gone most of September.  Again - not too happy.  But it looks like either we will keep Clyde or if Princess (daughter's older boxer) likes Clyde, they will have him.

Ah - the bathroom is open now - gotta strike while the iron is hot as they say!

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Marti said...

Do you think G can let Clyde go if your daughter wants him?

Thanks for the tip about Welchol. I'll definitely ask my dr about it. Does it cause hot flashes? I thought of taking Niacin but someone told me the hot flashes are even worse with it. But if my hip starts hurting again every night, I'll have to do something else even though dr says statins don't cause joint pain.