Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sleep deprived.

Someone has got to adopt these dogs.  And I mean now!  I am exhausted.  Bonnie is going to make someone a great dog.  She has a tremendous personality.  She is so funny and really sweet.  She is a PUPPY!  I am too old for a puppy.

Clyde is pretty laid back, but last night he worried me.  Shadow was on the bed when we were putting them in the crates.  Shadow jumped down, and attracted Clyde's attention.  Not.  Good.  Clyde and Shadow are scheduled to go to the SSB next week.  Six hours of a dog trying to get into the cat's crate?  OMG!

I am just  not getting enough sleep.  I don't know what I am going to do about it either.  I am really afraid that if I take a nap, that will just make the situation worse.  But I can go to sleep sitting right here in my office (breakfast table).  I can and do go to sleep sitting on the couch.  It is really bad.

I also need to make the shirt for the one beginning kindergarten this year.  It has to be done by Wednesday, or there is no reason to do it.  It says "First day of kindergarten."  Pretty much a definite deadline.   I hate to go upstairs because I know the dogs will get into something.

I have been lax.  I have put  my front door wreaths on the "Hall tree" in the entry hall.  Well, Miss Bonnie discovered them and ate part of my fall one.  Then she managed to find a block of paraffin.  It is now on my area rug in the den.

G is no help.  Yesterday we had the dogs out for a potty break.  The folks behind us were out with their boxer(s).  Clyde wanted to dig into their yard.  G just stood there, talking to them like they were 16 year old kids.  Clyde doesn't even know his name yet, much less "get away from there", "stop digging," and other inane commands.  Then he heads to the deck where I know good and well he can make it over that fence with a single bound.  These are both known escape artists.  Scheeesh.  He talks to them like this in the house as well.  I would often like to box his ears!


Jeanette said...

Your fosters are causing you a lot of trouble, it seems! Hope they get adopted soon!

Cheyenne said...

I get tired just reading your posts about these dogs. They are like having toddlers in the house. Whew! I doubt I could do it. I will stick with my 4 cats who all could care less whether we are home or not.