Monday, August 12, 2013

Great time

I may be the only in-law to say that I really enjoy the family reunions, and the one this past weekend was the best of the three!  I love my FIL's family.  They are such fun.

We had the reunion at a hotel in Dallas.  It, of course, had a pool that the kids loved.  We took over the lobby Friday night and Saturday night when we had to leave the meeting room at 10 pm.  It was so great to see these folks again.  One cousin said it had only been a year since the last one (and since they were usually in October it really was more like 2 years), but I disagree.  I really think it was more like three or four.

We had it in Dallas because the two surviving aunties (out of  10 kids - 5 boys  first then 5 girls - all right at two years apart) really can't travel anymore.  The older is 86.  They used to be in Houston, and we would visit them often.  They moved to Dallas because the younger's children said they could better take care of them.  Guess who didn't show at the reunion.  Her "caring kids."  The aunties live about 3 houses from an in-law.  I think this in-law, Betty, takes care of them - not the "caring kids."

We really had a great time, and when I was counting the grand kids most of us were there.  When I got a head count, he was 53.  I think more than that came to be honest.

It was our 45th anniversary, so I managed to get Daughter to find a cake.  I heard that was quite of a trial, but it was appreciated, and we celebrated with the family.

The down part was the "high speed internet" is slower than the satellite internet that I have at the SSB.  Now that's saying something.  I couldn't get things to load - namely Facebook and Farmville 2.  Perhaps that was a good thing.  If I lose my gold medal this time, I am done!  And the way it has started this week, I already have harvested crops and didn't get credit.  I think I am done.  What will I do with all this extra time?

We did get a suite thinking there would be more time spent in the rooms, and it would be an overflow for the kids.  That wasn't the case, but it was OK.   Still good.  It all was good.

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JuJu said...

Oh how nice! I think the only time we get together (the extended family) nowadays is for weddings or funerals. Too many of the latter, not enough of the former!

So glad you had a good weekend!