Thursday, August 08, 2013

Ah weekend

And this weekend we will literally be going out of the frying pan into the fire.  We will be trundling off to Big D - Dallas.  It is hotter there than here.  I can't believe we are really doing this. but I am hoping the weekend will be spent in a nice cool hotel!  That's where the family reunion will be.

Judging from G's father's portion of the family - I thought there would be a large number for what will probably be the last if not one of the last reunions with the Aunts.  We have 11 adults and 9 children going.  The total head count (which is probably food count, so it may not be accurate) is 42 adults and 11 children.

I emailed a cousin who is ramrodding this affair because the reunion is on the same day as our 45th (????? no kidding!!) anniversary.  So I thought I would provide a cake for the occasion.  So that is the number I got.  I am thinking some of the kids are going to be eating from their parents plates.  I know my youngest grandson is doing that - in fact his sister may be too.

I am looking forward to (HA!) a "hot time in the old town" Saturday night.

On Daughter's in-laws - yes they are pure trash.  Are, has been, and always been.  They have walked on bills owed, they have gotten utilities in all the kids names and ruined their credit, they want the largest screen TV's available (rental from Aar*n's), they would sneak into their kids high school games.  They are such fine upstanding people.  SIL is making his dad a saint.  Believe me he wasn't.  He was incredibly hard on SIL.  He would tell him to ignore sports injuries.  He never thought he has accomplished anything (he is Vice-President of his company making more money than "Pops" made in his entire life in one year), and he constantly told SIL he wished SIL and Daughter would get a divorce.  Oh, yes a man to be respected.

I could go on.  Seventeen years of knowing that bit of trash has left me with a lot of stories and a lot of really bad feelings.

See you probably next week.  I will report on how much we melt this weekend!!


Judy said...

I'm sorry I made that comment about SIL's family--I had something like that occupying my oldest daughter's life for 13 years. Now--he is gone. YAY!!


to bad you couldn't scoot down to West, we're only 82 miles or so..or you can come for westfest on labor day weekend.