Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Daughter came back on Monday.  I really miss her dogs; they were so much fun.  I keep  telling G the only thing better than one Boxer is two Boxers, but he doesn't listen!  Shadow is so pleased they are gone.  He can come back downstairs.  Hence - he has slept in the bed for two nights - keeping me awake because he has to be in my face.  That means if and when I turn over, he stomps around my head to get back in my face.  Dumb cat.

Daughter's tales of her in-laws keep my head spinning.  I don't know what is going to happen to her MIL.  She doesn't have enough money coming in to keep her where she is (a run down house from what I am told).  Now stay with me here, the relationships could get complicated - Daughter's sister's-in-law mother agrees with me.  The mother here needs to go into a nursing facility.  The mother is social - she would have interactions.  Since the diabetes has ravaged her body (to the point of dialysis three times a week), her eyes are gone.  The mother would also have someone to watch her blood sugar, blood pressure, and meds.  They would keep her awake during the day.  They would have her on a schedule.

In addition, she could afford it because not owning anything, as well as being over $5000 in debt  because of her deceased husband, the Medicade she is on will cover all of not most of the facility.  The kids are fighting this.  They believe she will be in a poor facility.  Plus, they would have to go there to visit.  Daughter knows how depressing any of these places are.  Daddy was in a first rate place - but still.  It was horrible to go.  My MIL had the same thing.  First rate facility, but it was horrible to visit.

So they had the family meeting, at least sort of.  The needs have been noted.  Some plans were made.  Those include the sister having to set up other accounts for her mother's monies.  Since Daughter and SIL gave her about $2000 to keep her from being evicted, car repoed, utilities cut off, and the like it is obvious that she cannot handle money.

The drama continues there with that.


Along the same lines - step granddaughter, the one with the 18 month old daughter, just posted her "engagement" ring.  Supposedly it is a 3 carat diamond surrounded by small diamonds.  This after her hinting to her father that their refrigerator was "like a bachelor's fridge - no food and the baby is hungry."   Then today she was asked to take her grandmother to dialysis and responded that she didn't have gasoline - nor money to get it.

Last week her rant was that her uncle "burned up her car" taking S to dialysis, and they couldn't afford to fix it.  BUT for their wedding next April, they are paying $200 a month for the "venue."  This does not include any food, invitations, music, flowers.  All this with the flower girl already being their daughter.

My head just spins with those people.  I don't understand living like this.  Sometimes I feel that I am perhaps out of touch with what is going on in the world.  I feel sorry for those who have nothing and are living on the edge.  I give to sources to help them out.  But to live on the edge because of stupidity - I don't understand.  Just don't.


Marti said...

I don't understand that either. But you and I are rational AND we think ahead. I have a daughter who lives in the moment and money is water in her hands. She thinks she is being wise but in the long run, her thinking is just not there.

About the nursing home, my fil was in a very nice facility. Never smelled like a home, iykwim. It was still not like visting in their home, but it was the best place for him. And once on Medicaid, it didn't cost him a dime.

Judy said...

You are NOT out of touch. In my opinion, these people--this family, probably have lived like this all their lives--kind of trashy, it sounds like to me. Sorry! Medicaid will take care of everything and she won't be placed in a bad home because of it. Fred's mother was in a lovely home--and yes, it is not fun to visit them there, but at least they don't have to worry! I hope they make the right decision of the poor woman!!

Cheyenne said...

...and yet life goes on. I have heard these horror stories all my life and somehow the people manage to hang on. The problem with today's generation is they want everything right away and don't care how they get it. Then they don't worry about the consequences. I could not live like that.