Saturday, August 17, 2013

Feeling so badly

When I said I would be a foster I never thought I would foster two!  I also made it clear that we would be gone in August for a week, and almost the whole month of September.  The one who heads this particular foster group appears to be moving about an hour and a half away.  That is adding to my feeling.

She is at the other place right now, and will come back on Monday.  I am worried about Clyde, but I am sure things are actually ok.  I haven't witnessed him urinate today.  I know - but after his life altering surgery, I really am trying to watch him closely.  His scrotum is still swollen.  If something happens - the clinic where he was treated is closed on Sunday.  Mine is open, and I guess I would just bite the bullet if I have to.

But I am most distressed because I told her yesterday that there is no way we can take both Bonnie and Clyde with us to the SSB.  She has been trying to find a short term foster for Bonnie, but can't.  She is full, and will be going back to the other place away from here on Wednesday because her daughter is going to school there.  She said she would be back on the 29th,  but needs to be home at 3:45.  No way are we able to make the drive back from the SSB by then.

I shouldn't be so upset.  All  my plans were carefully laid out prior to becoming a foster.  She knew G was very hesitant of taking two dogs.  I really haven't changed anything.  So ...

I keep hoping Bonnie will be adopted next week.  She is a doll.  She can't be more than a year, and she is beautiful.  I have known for ten years however that I NEVER wanted another puppy.  Adorable but chews!!!

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