Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bonnie and Clyde

Those are my two foster boxers.  I picked them up at the clinic on Monday while they were still drugged.  In fact, Clyde was really out - slept the whole time.
This is Clyde.  He is a very laid back boy.  That makes him difficult to photograph!

This is Bonnie.  We knew she was young, but we believe she is only one year old.  And she is a real puppy - she is in to everything.  Sweet, but requires a lot of attention.  She wants to chew on (mostly) paper, but keep an eye out.

This is how they spend about 75% of their day.

These two were found wandering a neighborhood.  Some guy was going to try to place them himself, but then it gets foggy.  Anyway we have them in rescue.  I think they will find homes quickly, but they are pretty bonded together.  He seems to be cat friendly, but I am not so sure about Bonnie. 

Their crates are in the bedroom.  When Shadow decided to get into bed, Bonnie growled.  Fortunately Shadow is dog smart enough to not flaunt his presence.  He spends most of the day under the bed or upstairs where they can't go.

So guess what is going to take up my time for a while!

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