Monday, July 02, 2012

Slow start

It has been a slow start to get back into the scheme of things.  I finally got my laundry done.  I don't know what that says about me - either I have way too many clothes or something.  But I really do hate laundry.

We had new windows put in the other day.  All the ones across the front are done, but the one we are having put in the back had to be re-ordered.  Its frame was broken.  It is a huge window - replacing two fairly large windows.  It will be less expensive to put a picture window there.  That's ok -we don't open the windows anyway.  They could have all been picture windows.

Today we had the upstairs' heater replaced.  The unit wasn't working properly before we left, and I made the appointment before we got home.  It was a circuit board that was out, and it was going to be over $500.  The heater was wonky to begin with, and there was the thought of the a/c coil being damaged, so that was done today.

Watch us bleed money!

Daughter has had her share of things recently, but she really has brought them on herself.  Yesterday she went with LB to a swim meet.  She had little DB with her.  Then Monkey Boy had another base ball tournament.  She brought DB with her.  DB wanted to go home last night, but Daughter convinced her to stay longer.  To cut to the chase - Monkey hit her with a bat.  They thought her arm was broken.  She went back this morning.  I am still waiting on that one.  She should have just brought the baby home - she was tired.  This wouldn't have happened.

If you can read between the lines there, you can see that I really believe they have gone completely overboard with all this sports stuff.  It is the weekend - from early Saturday (often Friday  nights) to late Sunday night.  Too. Much.

Yes - I am not into sports.  When my kids were little we didn't do this.  SIL's father was like this.  SIL claimed he would  never be this way , but actions speak louder than words.

Enough of my vile.  I am really sorry so many of you are sweltering.  I know how bad it can be.  For a change, we had rain, and our temperatures are about normal for a change.

I know it will be over for you all soon - and we will be hit hard again.  Ah, such is life.



JuJu said...

I am in agreement with on so many kids being so involved in activities. Kids here have practices three nights a week during school. I just think that's an awful lot for young kids. And, I'm a sports nut and feel this way!!

I hate spending money on things like insurance, heaters, roofs, etc. They're necessary, but oh so boring!!

Cheyenne said...

We didn't have all those activities when I was in school. Or maybe we did and I wasn't interested in them, therefore, they never existed. I ended up in the band. Nerd.

Grandma K said...

Cheyenne - I wasn't in band - wished I was, but I was in the "pep squad/drill team" and worked closely with the band for parades and halftimes. My son was in band, and I will forever be a band mom. I am curious just what his kiddos will do. I know the 3 year old is very entranced with music and instruments. Perhaps the band mentality will live on!