Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Bits of this and that

Our friend/neighbor/cousin that lives close to the SSB succumbed to his brain cancer yesterday morning.  I really had wanted to attend his funeral.  After all, we did have so many things in common - his wife had gotten sick at the same time I discovered my cancer, and he did have cancer.  His was different however.  It was fast growing, and killed him so quickly.  We had planned to see him the next time we were at the SSB, the last time he was getting treated by hospice and we were going to be leaving the next day.  Sad.

I had my follow-up with the nephrologist.  He said my potassium was high, so he gave me a diet that would limit my ingestion of potassium.  It is something that I simply cannot really adhere to because the very first part flies in the face of what I consider healthy.  With pre-diabetes, I try to avoid white foods.  This diet says to eat white bread and white rice as opposed to wheat bread and brown rice.  Guess I am going to have a problem there.

Today I went to the cardio doc.  I told him that I had quit Lipitor on my own because I couldn't stand the muscle cramps in my legs at night.  I thought he was going to tell me that was just tough and get back on it.  I figure I will be 67 (ouch!) in a few weeks.  My heart is in good condition.  What is going to get me first?  Cancer recurring or a massive stroke or heart attack.  Let's face it, there simply aren't too many more dances in my future!

Doodle Bug had to go back to the clinic yesterday.  It is still not clear if there is a fracture or not.  I found out this was in the elbow.  So she is in a splint for a few days then heading to a bone doc.  We will see what happens now.  She flipped out at first about the splint, but she is doing ok with it now.  It is pink.  It is ok.

Tomorrow I will try to post some pictures of the trip.  I especially want to post that first hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  It was horrid!  The pictures don't seem to do it the way it really was.  It was just so bad.  I still shudder when I think of it.  I hope I never have to stay in 100 year old hotels!



JuJu said...

Oh Karen, I'm so sorry for your loss. It's so sad to lose a friend, especially around a holiday. Why is it that so many people pass around a holiday?

What did he tell you about the Lipitor? I've taken it for years, haven't had any problems?

Poor DB. I hope she makes a quick recovery!

Oh, did you see that Adele is pregnant????

Cheyenne said...

I hate white food.

I got off Lipitor and on simvastatin. Lipitor was just too darn expensive. My cholesterol last time was still high.

judemiller1 said...

I take Simvastatin--it works great and no leg cramps. My daughter went through the "is it broken or not" thing and was in a splint. Only after 6 weeks did they determine her elbow WAS broken and it never healed quite right AND to think, at the time, our doc said he could set it, but that he HAD to send her to an orthopedic specialist--in the days when malpractice suits were becoming prevalent. If he HAD set it, she would have been just fine. Now at age 40, she still has problems with that elbow from time to time.