Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back again

Hopefully next month, I will be living in the modern world with internet capabilities.  I was hoping that the satellite internet people could get to us this last visit, but alas it was not to be.  So we are scheduled for August 31.  I just hope they can find us in the wilderness.  I do have my doubts if my experience with ordering are the telling factor.

The trip was good.  Daughter was there with the family.  All was really smooth with the exception of the five year old.  That kid can whine!

This morning I awoke to a dream.  Most dreams that wake me are not good ones, but this one was.  I was dreaming that I was teaching school again.  Now that usually makes me wake not happy, but this was different.  In this dream, all my success stories were there. It made me feel so good knowing that I had influenced these kiddos in a positive way.  At the end, I wasn't sure that there was anything good coming from my teaching. 

Our Women's Group will be hosting a baby shower for another group on Saturday.  This is for young pregnant girls/mothers.  When we first said we would do this, they said 25 girls.  Our church members brought 2000 diapers to make diaper cakes for these girls.  Then there were to be 15 girls.  So we worked five hours making three layer "cakes" of 160 diapers each.  Then one of our members saw a Facebook page advertising for pregnant girls.  I am worried.

I do know that our members will overwhelm this shindig.  And there will be enough food to feed an army.  The person in charge of this from our group has worked this out - somehow while I was gone.  I need to call her ASAP to see what was going on.



JuJu said...

I love those diaper cakes. A girl in our office does them for showers. I always enjoy her creations.

What a great dream! I'm so glad that all those happy students found their way to you!


those diaper cakes are genius.

Beth said...

Oh, yes, five year olds CAN whine. So glad my little one's past that stage.