Thursday, June 28, 2012

Home again, home again ...

We made it home in good time.  Of course it was 104 here too.  Wonderful.  And the heat hasn't stopped yet.

I had called the a/c people from Tulsa because I knew the unit for upstairs was out.  So they came yesterday early morning.  It was, as I suspected, a problem with the fan.  And it was.  A circuit board (which means $$$) was out.  It will cost $500, but the heater unit is bad, and replacing it will cost about $3000.  AND doing this may break the internal a/c coil.  Nice.

We picked up our fur babies right after coming home.  Simone acted strange all night - in fact she threw up.  She acted like someone tugged too hard on a leash and irritated her throat.  It may have been me since she was ready to walk out the door as soon as we got there.  Today, she is her old self again.

Shadow has never been a really friendly cat.  He wanted to be close by, but he really didn't want to be in a lap and petted.  He never even purred much.  He is a different cat.  For the  most part, he doesn't want to be away from me.  Today is is spending time looking out the window during the day, but at night he is clingy.

So now life returns to normal - whatever that is.



JuJu said...

Awww, your babies missed you. Shadow is now living up to his name, eh?

So sorry about the A/C expense, that stinks!


oh man..a/c going on in texas that's a death notice.