Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I guess I shouldn't have vented so in my last posts.  I am not sure this is the place for it; I just had to vent.  Going to the kids (who saw the entire thing) isn't the thing to do, so I could compose words here somewhat better.  I appreciate the kind words - and especially the prayers.  I need them.

My attitude is still poor.  I really want to tell him to go to the SSB while I stay here, but I know that won't fly.  I would like to just be alone for a while though.

It is happening a little bit.  Yesterday, he had his colonoscopy, so things were rather quiet yesterday.  Today he had jury duty and got chosen as an alternate.  That means I have time to myself.  This will be good.

I have been working on the alter linens for the last couple of days.  Our "assistant" pastor asked me about them on Sunday.  Don't know why - it's only been at least a month since I said I would do them.  I had cut some out, and then realized that I didn't take the hem into account - been sewing much Grandma?  Apparently not.  That was a really stupid mistake.

Sunday night Lady Bug told me she wouldn't be in "camp" next week - she was between the ones they are attending.  She would be available to help me.  I wish I could have her that week, but it is SSB week.  Monkey Boy wanted to spend Saturday with me again.  I told him it was fine - I hoped he would enjoy the day at Women's group!  He quickly withdrew that question.

I was going to buy some new shoes today with DIL.  But we are getting blessed rains.  Like everything - when it doesn't rain - it doesn't rain forever.  When it rains - it floods.  I will not complain.  I will just sit here in the house - and have my arthritis hurt big time.  But it is still glorious rain that has lowered our temps considerably.  That is so good.

The shoes are a big deal because my first class feet require expensive shoes.  Now  were I independently wealthy, it wouldn't be a big deal.  I would have been buying those designer shoes all along.  No - I just wear a cloddy looking Finn.  They are certainly not pretty, but they feel so good.  They also start at about $150.  I know that isn't much, but I was always the Pay-Less queen.  Perhaps that's why I need the Finns now!



JuJu said...

I'm going to take your shoe advice and continue spending money on my shoes. :-)

Don't EVER apologize for your feelings. They are what they are, and that's that baby. If you didn't vent here, you'd keep it in then end up going postal and we'd read about it in the evening news. So, we are here for you

I hope the trial is a nice LONG one. :-)

Jeanette said...

I hear you about the being alone thing. I love my husband but he's home when I leave for work and home when I get home from work. I have to take a day off just to get a few hours of alone time! He used to go hunting in November every year but he hasn't even done that the last few years!