Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This and that

I am sorry I was off the deep end about my surgeon.  I realize I had only seen him perhaps 12 times - including hospital visits, but he really was a great guy.  There are far too few doctors like him around, and that is really sad.

Sunday was pretty much a disaster.  I was ready to either just walk out or kill G.  He has decided that he is going to blame me for things that go wrong.  I don't like that - at all.  We put Simone in the bedroom while the kids were here.  William doesn't like her, and I don't like him being mean to her.  He is usually pretty sneaky about it.  All she wants is to be with the "puppies" and enjoy them.  I don't want him around her.

Anyway - she managed to bully herself past G.  He came blustering into the den yelling about MY dog and it was MY fault she could get out.  Well - with all the family watching - I lost it.  I told him that was right.  Everything that happens in this world is my fault - in fact the sun going down is my fault.  I am that powerful.

Well - he sulked off.  Nice.  Things were really strained after that.  I forgot to use paper plates for dinner.  He came back from the closet with the paper, and pointed at the cake and then at the plates.  At that point I could have stuffed those plates, er, down his throat (or someplace else).  I, like a fool, apologized.  See - my fault again.

So after dinner,  I told him if he would just finish unloading the dishwasher, I would load.  Son and family were leaving, so I went out to tell them good by.  Daughter was going to stay a little longer, but SIL said it was time to go, and I could tell that another temper tantrum was taking place since G shoved the left over bread into a baggie and slammed the cabinet door.  I repeated that I told him I would load.

After everyone was gone - he said that a pottery plate ($$$) under the aluminum pot got broken.  Well = ok.  He WANTED to make me feel it was my fault for putting the pot in the sink after I emptied it into a serving bowl (there wasn't any place for a hot pot).  BUT had he listened to me and left the room it would have never happened.

What really happened was that he had loaded most of the dishes - except for this one.  He then was going to scrub the pot, and in his ire used a lot of force which broke the dish.

I was then really ready to just leave.  Just get in the car and leave and not come back.  I really have had enough of this.  Hopefully he decided to be on the straight and narrow, because I haven't put that idea completely out of  my mind.

Sorry to burden you with this.  Just had to vent.



Beth said...

Lots of frustration for you. Know that you have my prayers.

JuJu said...

Is G going through some kind of male menopause? I honestly think men go through something that makes them act like moody children.

I hope today is a better day for you my friend!!


you can try Jackie's way...

Tell him to go fuck himself.