Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Well ...

Yesterday we got pedicures (yes G gets them too!), and I wanted a manicure as well.   My manicurist's next appointment came in talking about finally getting a hold of her oncologist.

So feeling like we had something in common, I asked what cancer she had.  She said breast cancer, and so I asked what was the medication she was taking.  It was femara - like me.  Only, she was having a lot of problems with it.

She couldn't sleep (yes), she was gaining weight that she couldn't get rid of (oh, yeah), her glucose was erratic (um, yes - that's why I am taking metforamin and testing twice a day), her blood pressure was high (yes - that's probably why I am seeing a nephrologist for the protein in my urine), and generally retaining fluid (nope),  But I certainly listened.

I can and should go off it this month or next at the latest, but I really thought I would stay on it for a while longer since I have about four months of pills left.  Now I am thinking I won't.  Perhaps I can get my body straightened out!

But anyway.  We are headed off to the internet dead zone tomorrow.  We will be there until Tuesday, so I will be out of touch.  I have Wednesday to get ready for Iowa.  So you all take care until I am back in touch!




I've never had a pedicure..I leave a sheltered life.

Marti said...

I've never had a pedicure either, but I got a big kick out of imagining dh at one.

Beth said...

I'm jealous of your pedicure! And praying for your health.

judemiller1 said...

Hope you had a good time!!