Friday, June 22, 2012

Nearing the end of the convention

And I am glad.  I really am ready to go home.  Basically I am a home body who married basically a nomad.  And, of course, since the temperatures here have broken and are back to the normals of 80's, he really doesn't want to go home.  At breakfast he read that the temp  in Houston was going to be 105.  Now I do readily admit I HATE that too, but then I am a house person.  I rarely go out in those temperatures.

Now to the travelog, or what I did on my vacation.  Yesterday I had the morning to myself.  It was just Della, the computer, and me.  I visited some sites, did some on-line buying of embroidery designs (like I need more since at last count I was over 45,000).  I discovered that it's easy to set up a store on Facebook.  Now I know that will come back to bite me in the butt.  Facebook doesn't do anything to help the average person, but I did it anyway.  So I am about half way through loading my stuff.

In the afternoon, we took the fob to the Toyota place.  You see we have one of those fancy-dancy starting thingies that you don't stick the key in to start.  When the fob goes, you have a few times of magically touching the start button with the fob Toyota side down.  We have been depend on  my fob alone on this trip.  But this was the way it was planned.  G figured we would have free time here, and Cedar Falls is certainly big enough to have a Toyota dealer.

The problem with that dang thing was when we followed the manual, there was no battery just staring us in the face when we opened the thing.  Knowing how much normal fobs run, I wasn't about to take the thing apart.  I could just see me breaking welds and the like.  The circuit board had to be removed!  A little step that the fine people in Japan neglected to tell us folks over here.  My son would say he could just see the writer of the manual laughing his a*s off thinking of us poor souls here in the states trying to figure this one out.

So, fob with new battery in hand, we set out to explore Cedar Falls.  We thought we would go down to Czech square, since the closest we got was the museum that wasn't open (still questioning that one!).  Most of the stores are still boarded up from the terrible flood two years ago.

We set out for home with a mission to find paper plates.  That one came out of left field, didn't it?  We needed them so that on Saturday night we can have a smorgasbord of left over Mexican and Chinese foods.  Appetizing isn't it?

That led us to a Dairy Queen.  My diet has completely gone in the toilet this week. The trips we have been on include lunch.  The lunches are big, but do I only eat a little of it, oh, no!  Of course not!  After all there are starving children in _________ (you fill in the blank).  That's always an excuse, right?  AND yesterday put the period to any thought of going home with less of me than I started with.  I had a MEDIUM blizzard.  Something that I have not had in at least 10 years.  And. I.  Enjoyed. Every. Bite!

So as I sit here, falling over this chair on both sides, and before I waddle to the banquet tonight, I'll sign off my little report.



JuJu said...

Ok--what flavor blizzard? I love the chocolate dip cone. YUM.

Taylor's dad went to UNI in Cedar Falls. I've never been there, but he has fond memories.

I totally sympathize/empathize with you wanting to get home. I miss my home so much when I leave it! Travel safe my friend.


Czech's really get around don't they?
I'm on facebook..Jackie Denney, let me know when your store is open.