Monday, June 18, 2012

Last night

We traveled a long time yesterday - much longer than anticipated.  You see, the man who usually reads maps for fun while on the john didn't have a map.  We got lost twice.  I couldn't believe it!  Plus even though we have a GPS in the Toyota, I don't know how to use it, and I wasn't going to try to learn on the road.  I did that once, and it tooks weeks to get the voice quiet again, and not try to find a restaurant in Rockport, Texas.

We finally got to the motel, and discovered they had a terrible storm the day before.  Their power was off for a long while, and the cable wasn't working when we checked in.  That was a tragedy because last night was the conclusion of The Killing .  We have watched this program for two years to find out who killed Rosie.

I had loaded Hulu on the computer, but decided to just check.  Eureka, it was on!  So we got to watch the ending - which was a great surprise, then they repeated it immediately, so we got to watch the bit we missed.

Today we headed out to Cedar Rapids.  On the way we stopped for our first event.  I had not been sure of what it was - a Thrasher Museum?? But it was fun.  We got to ride a street car and a narrow gauge steam engine rail road.  There were many farm implements in the museum.  It was neat overall.

While there, we met out friend from California.  So that was fun.  We had lunch together there, and since the buses for those who were already here and came out there that way were going to not leave for hours, we brought him back to his hotel.

Tomorrow we will take a loooong train ride.  But that's ok.  I will wear my gimme hat however.  This trip has been one for embarrassing things for me.  First was not being able to make the step into the trolley in Eureka Springs, today while riding the steam engine, my wig was taken off my heat by the winds.  Geesh!  What else - uh, no I don't want to know!
Our motel room is nice.  This is a NEW place!!  It still has some paint smell to it.  I can take that after squeeky floors, weird arrangements of rooms, etc!



JuJu said...

Oh girl, just wear that hat with PRIDE!

It sounds like you're having a great time, in spite of all the little snafus along the way! And, how did you keep from killing G? :-)

Jeanette said...

Sounds like a good trip so far! Your comment about your husband reading maps on the john just cracked me up! Safe travels!