Saturday, June 16, 2012

Eureka Springs

We are almost finished with this part of the trip. We finally got back to the car to put the parking permit in the window.

Last night was spent out on the balcony eating dinner and listening to a guitar and fiddle player play and sing.  They were good, and the food was ok. Then we returned home for me to get ready to go to sleep.

Why so early?  Well, what's with these hotels.  The last one and this one have ONE chair!  So, I sit on the bed - which is really uncomfortable.  AND they are saving electricity.  The bulbs are so small.  In fact the bedside table lamp has a bulb that would normally be put in a chandelier candle.  I am now sounding like my dad - this is all too dim!

Today we - now get ready for this newsflash - rode a train.  It was a nice trip - with scenery we have seen 25 times, but that is just being an excursion rail road.  This was a lunch trip.  The food was really good!  We had a great time.

Then we bought the daily pass for the trolley.  We rode two of the routes, saw some beautiful houses, and traveled several hair pin turns to get to HIGH altitudes.

The hills here are steep.  When we rode the trolley back, we chose the stop that is up the hill from the hotel.  That was a crazy trip down.  The sidewalk is as uneven as a dirt road.  An unimproved dirt road!  Several parts of the trip had to be a 30 degree path.  I certainly watched my step closely.

The part I would like to forget - getting on the first trolley.  G stopped one in the middle of the block.  The part of the street I had to use was way lower than the step.  The driver - sitting in the middle of traffic - had to lower the wheel chair lift to get me on.  I could have died!  My knees simply won't put a lot of push into things.

So, we are on the road tomorrow on our way to Iowa.  It is just a sleep stop, so I am not expecting drama from a 100 year old hotel.  I need a break!

Tonight will go out in style here.  Our room is under the room that can be rented for special occasions.  We have a wedding reception going on up there.  It is only 5:37 - the thing hasn't even begun, and we are hearing a lot of heavy steps.  Oh well - I have my ear plugs, and they have worked well for the last two nights!



JuJu said...

It sounds like you guys are having a good adventure! Good for you!

JuJu said...
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good times...