Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First train trip of the convention

We had that trip today.  It. Was. Long!  We boarded the bus to go to the train at 7:30 and as soon as we got off the bus we boarded the train.  We got back at 7pm. I. Am. Tired!

It was a great trip - being brought almost all the way back by a steam engine, but that meant that we had to travel more slowly.  The steamer is like me - slower and more fragile!

The bad (and only bad) part of the trip was lunch.  The train stopped at a park that had perhaps three benches for lunch.  There are a lot of us older folks that cannot sit on the grass.  G and I found some playground equipment at the far end of the park and I sat on a hot slide to eat.

The best part of the lunch was a man we came across.  At first I just thought it strange that he had no teeth.  Our group is definitely middle class (or some much better).  This is NOT a cheap hobby.  So I  thought it strange this guy had no teeth.

We talked about the train since they were going to do a "fly by" which means the train backs up to come by at speed for those who want pictures of that.  Anyway, we just sort of mentioned the fly by.

Later G said  - "he must be homeless."  And G had to be right!  This man managed to score himself a box lunch in the madness of getting those boxes!  I know that wasn't the "right thing" to do, but I was so glad he was able to have a meal.  I doubt many, if any others, know about this, but I was happy for this man.

He seemed to be very sweet, and when we were leaving, we looked out of the train window.  He was helping the caterer clean up the area.  Well done.  And thanks be to God.


JuJu said...

I bet you had some hot cross buns after sitting on that slide??

I love this post. And, I love the fact that you found such joy in this man being fed. :-)


your a good person