Thursday, June 21, 2012

So, it's Thursday (isn't it?)

We are staying at a really nice hotel.  It is only about 6 months old.  Very clean, very bright, wonderful desk for me to use.  But, and you knew there would be a but from me, the air conditioner is a schizophrenic!

When we first got into the room a few days ago, the room was hot and stuffy.  So we cranked the thermostat down to 65.   After a bit, we were freezing, so we put the thermostat at 72.  Then we were boiling.  It was not 72 I will tell you!  It had to be more like 79.

That night I cranked it down to 67 under G's watchful eye.  In the middle of the night - when I was sure he was asleep - that sucker went down.  I don't know how far down because it was dark and I didn't have my glasses on.  Better.

This was about the same for the next day.  We were pretty comfortable day and night.  We also turned the fan to high which produced a strong puff rather than an asthmatic wheeze.  Worked fairly well.  But it was set at 67.  Uh, not the real temperature.

Last night we didn't change anything.  It was HOT during the night, but we both were so restless, I dared not change it.  I couldn't be assured G was asleep.

This morning I told G we needed to report this to the desk.  Well, he left for this tour of the smokestacks at the ethanol plant.  I didn't want to do this one - hart hats, steel toed shoes and safety goggles.  Not in my wardrobe.  Besides I get freaked out with huge equipment!

But back to the AC.  I am sitting here FREEZING.  How do I get someone here to check the b**tard when it appears to be working fine.  BAH!

We only have two more functions.  Tomorrow night is the banquet.  I don't really know why G chose to go.  We went to one, and it was boring, boring, boring.  But we will go.  Then on Saturday we have another train trip.  We will go to Waterloo.

Yesterday was a bus tour.  We went to a museum that isn't open yet.  It isn't even filled out with displays.  Then a little settlement of houses brought in to be like a working man's living area in the late 1800's to about 1930.  Cute little houses.  It ended with a tour of a mansion.  I didn't take the tour choosing the museum  instead because there were a lot of stairs.

Stairs have been my nemesis.  School buses, trains, etc.  I will be glad to get home!


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JuJu said...

A bus to a closed museum. Hm. Am I missing something?

I'm sorry the stairs have been a bummer for you. That must be so frustrating.

I hate hotel rooms with bad a/c units! (or non working ones) I need air baby.