Saturday, June 23, 2012

The end has come

We finished off the convention with another train ride.  And to think we made fewer trips this year!!

This one ended at an independent train operation shops around here.  All would have been good with one glaring exception.  We were to get off the train for lunch. They SAID there would be seating.  Do I need to tell you?  No, well I will anyway.  There were about 8 tables that sat 8 - for about 300 people.  Now my math doesn't have those numbers equal.

People were leaning anyplace they could, sat anyplace they could - on the ground or any flat piece of equipment or simply stood to eat a pretty good meal of chicken breast, chicken tetrazinni, a mayo salad, roll and cookie.  That has been a weakness here.

Tomorrow we head to St Joe's.  We want to be as close to Dallas as we can get.  We want to see G's 2 remaining aunts.  They are the only ones left from the 10 children, and my favorite one doesn't sound good at all.  They had lived in Houston until Aunt B's daughter insisted they not live alone, and not live in Houston.  She wanted her mom close, but I don't know why.  She is never home.

It has been overall a good time here.  The meals were the glitch.  I already talked about those associated with the train rides.  We went to the banquet last night.  It was a zoo getting in.  They finally served food.  The tables were not properly set - like only four coffee cups for seven people - things like that.  The food was,  well, banquet food.  There was to be a program, but at 8 it had  not begun.  So we left.  That was ok - I wanted to be home.  I couldn't believe he had signed up for the banquet.  The last one we went to was a zoo too!



JuJu said...

How do they screw up the seating so badly? And, how do you eat that food standing up? I would have spilled my plate for sure.

It sounds like all went well, in spite of the food snafus!


Dallas and Fort Worth both have great zoos..if your in Dallas your only 89 miles from West..come on down for a skunk egg.