Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This and that

Wonderful tributes have been posted on FaceBook pages about Larry.  One stated he touched so many lives.  It's true.  I really believe he didn't really know just how many lives he touched, and how loved he was.  Life isn't always fair for a Pastor.  

Our church gave him actual hell on earth.  There were in that church - as there are in many churches - factions.  While we were still members there, several things happened that caused a lot of members to change churches.  Many said very ugly things about Larry and to Larry.  It was finally enough, and after countless heart by-pass surgeries, he decided he would retire on disability.  Can't say as I blame him.  His life was more important than that church.

On a friend's page, one of the past parishioners posted on a page that she always liked him as a pastor.  I so wanted to call her out to tell her she was a bald faced liar.  She told me she didn't like him, and I was too much a coward to stand up to her right there.  I just kept mum.  But I really think she knew.

Anyway - this evening we are boarding the Sunset Limited - all seven of us - to head to the giant metropolis of Alpine, the gateway to Big Bend.  We won't go to Big Bend, but there are things that the kids haven't seen in Alpine.  Daughter told me this morning she had never been to Alpine.  No, just TWICE!

I am apprehensive about such a large number of people getting on a train with many already on it.  We are sort of traveling with our train club, so at least 40 of us are getting on here.  I just hope our little seven can stay together.

I am worried about the kids getting bored - if not tomorrow then the way back on Saturday.  I have some games made up for them that I will get out for that return trip.  Something new (that are really old - dot game, hangman, word find, etc.).  So we will see.

All dogs will be going to a new kennel.  It looks really beautiful, but they can't have their beds.  All three of them sleep on plush beds.  Simone sleeps on a plush bed in her crate, so she will have neither.  At least it's only three nights and three days. 

I think I am more worried about her.  She was off her feed at the end of last week and the beginning of this week.  She is going well now, but at her age (8+) I hate to leave her.  For a small dog, her years aren't all that many, but for a Boxer she is getting really old.

Shadow will have the house to himself.  He tries to act independent - a true black cat, but he really wants me around.  If he isn't with me, he wants to know where I am.  I do worry about him, but he will survive.  Perhaps he will appreciate me more and not attack me at every opportunity when we get back.

Yesterday I got my TENS unit.  It is the thing that I considered my reward for PT back in the day.  It stimulates the nerves with an electrical signal.  It is heaven!   I had no idea Medicare would buy the thing - like I have found they will send me my glucose monitor and strips.  Oh, yeah - that is going well.  Even though I watched the glucose level blow the ceiling out when I got the steroid injections last Friday.

So - all seems good.  I will have a computer on the trip and Daughter is bringing her air-card.  We MIGHT have a signal.  If so, I will try to update along the way.



Jeanette said...

Have a wonderful trip!

Judy said...

I like my TENS device too--the company sends me new pads every couple of months--like 8 pads at a time and Medicare pays, YAY. Any steroid will raise blood glucose sky high--Fred had a hard time regulating his insulin any time he was on Prednisone. Have a great train ride!


too bad you can't go to West and stop and have a skunk egg.