Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Train Travel Primer

The fact that the passenger trains, apparently all over the US, are full or almost so makes me really happy. The fact that they aren't making money bothers me because there are so many out there that are calling for the demise of Amtrak. You have to know by now, that I think that idea STINKS. I am not going to go all crazy with some political stuff here because I don't like that kind of stuff. I will say this one thing about politics - there isn't a dime's difference in any of the politicians. Notice I didn't just hit the "big" parties - it is every one of those who choose to run for political office. "Nuff said" - period.

But when we were originally booking our tickets, on the way back we were going to be travelling in accommodations that we normally would not choose for a trip over long hours. We were going to be in coach for at least 48 hours, and in a Roomette for another long period. I know the "choice" bedrooms are few on a train, but this was the first time we have had the problem of them all being full. But it didn't matter. We wanted the trip to be all train. It just wasn't meant to be. (I began taking pictures after we had to rent the car because it was soooooo boring. I will try to post them, but it will be in two weeks - we are at the SSB next week.

So if you want to take a long trip via rail - and you want a private bedroom (larger) or roomette (smaller) you need to decide sooner or probably take the trip when it is off season. Everyone travels in summer it seems. If coach is ok, you probably can get tickets anytime. If you want the largest bedroom - the family bedroom - there is only one per car, and there is usually only one sleeper per car.

If you are in the corridors along the East coast, I don't know how they run their trains, but I do know they are really full most of the time. Those are on our bucket list. We don't know how they are.

And tomorrow children, we will study the bedroom and roomettes. Class has been long enough for today.


Marti said...

Oooh, fun. I like traveling after the kiddies go back to school, so that is good to know. Looking forward to tomorrow's lesson. lol

JuJu said...

I like this kind of school!! Interesting and NO homework!


I traveled on a train back in the
60's with a 2 year old and a 6 month old...holy shit.from Dallas Texas to Portland oregon.